Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"WAKE UP BENZO BOY"!Evan yells..or emits...whatever they call it..

I don't.....

I hear a clanging sound of pots and pans

but still don't get out of bed...

the clanging stops

 Evan states it might be best for the "both of us" if he "thinks for me"from now ,"not to control you but more to teach you
a normal person  thinks....,"

"I don't try anymore to hide my thoughts...MY TEAM-(except that I have been taking Haldol and Ativan for several weeks
which ONLY seems to be making matters worse
a "the voices" LOUDER.....but "on the good side :they make me less afraid of the possession
as the pills really  make me feel nothing whatsoever

you're anti -American or something- some facial rendition program  or something
detected Aberration
in that mask of humanity
you try to wear so smugly
               obviously the right people weren't fooled
                  by your false  countenance
maybe a Neuronaut reported your" See Readings' to "some folks,"he graphs sarcastically

you haven't fooled anyone
your "mask of normalcy"
is pretty transparent when scanned

                                                         soooo you were deemed expendable

at first I thought
maybe it was
because of what you saw fit to paint or write....
abusing rights..NORMAL citizens
do not abuse.

you're one of those raised
to be a project..

often -one follows suit

They don't tell me too much ...
cuz than you'd know
and like than Ruiner you are you'd write about it

I can only guess they don't want you really to know
not specifically.

they like to keep some of the Proxy guessing

"yeah and it helps THEM to establish an alibi of madness...I know your games"

"Yeah? from your fellow wacko brigade of so called Target Individuals? Evan graphs,"Remember all them years ago you were gonna save up for a body scan...not "knowing " that nano means smaller than a blood cell ...those were the much hope in you much Protagonist.....and now a shell of a man....poor Dumbo..who now writes solely it seems to be hit by a stray bullet ...."
they seem amused you're posting things you shouldn't be as it works in their favor not yours
your lack of
and integrity. Nobody does it better

it WAS, you know ..supposed to be "Draw Tippy"
YOU made it Tippy"
with an "I"

know why the birds attacked Tippi Hendrin in "The Birds"?
of her Emanations

there was something just BAD about what she emitted into the Enway
like Damien Thorn at the zoo when the baboons go Monekynuts
like that derelict in the first scene of Scanners...he reminds me of you...
has the same

nobody names their kid Damian anymore.
or they didn't
not for 2 decades
just like people stopped naming their kids

people can't do that with LAST names so easy

"the graphs are more idiotic than ever....," and I turn up real loud the air conditioner and this little white noise machine I bought
I make myself
think of fractals...but it's too difficult
so I try thinking of other things
stuff they hate
shower curtain patterns
I focus my mind toward graphing myself as a microbe sized piece of dust but the dust is complicated something I gleaned from a Dyson commercial.
a mold spore.
I become ...I picture myself as a mold spore "traveling through" a complicated wood grain pattern

"YOU ARE a MOLD SPORE!LOU!like the man in the movie....the creep...
YOU, LOU (they callme more names than I can keep track of...but Lou?....c'mon is anyone even called Lou anymore...than I begin thinking .
just ciz
well that;s how a mid things....
of names that just seemed to go the way of
decency,ethics and checks and balance and morality concerning
civic resposibltiy

names like Betty,Harriet,algernon berth

shut up dhuttin up evan says \not your endkess autistic tests...

Bernice  bert clementine ,fanny,hecctor,paddy,grants ,waldos norshellys or Lees or harveys,,,

stop it loserevan imparts
and you ARE!
 a MOLD SPORE traveling through a complicated wood grain pattern assssshole," EVAN graphs no longer sounding like  Evan Peters but as {       }
I must admit ..{    } just works better fits Evan Rainy's Visage

 I try to keep up my USELESS visuals (mold spore ..or what Dyson 'implies " a mold spore LOOKs like. Traveling through the wood grain of the hardwood floor I stare at...wondering what movie he's talking about...these "people" say anything..none of it though MEANS anything..but I have never seen nor heard them try so hard to "imbue" upon my that "it does"

Evan goes on about how," I the movie "The Birds"Melanie Daniels emitted such Enrot into the world and THAT's really ",Evan Imparts,"what "The Birds "was about by the way..mister Know It bad was Melanie Daniels Emanations  that she all but destroyed Bodega Bay's entire Electromagnetic Field just by her - Existenz"

just like your trying to do
to Me
by doing these potholder,mold spore Picturations upon me
all as you know recorded
as evidence
of the Enrot you Purposely Put Into The Enway
a childman who does things like this
rather than attempt to Vicarious
loving things
to another
is a man who obviously enjoys fucking with people's minds

"my mind," I graph, attempting to "keep up" my Picturations of myself  still as minatured  mold spore walking or mold spore like "drifting" through TIGHTSHOT of  woodgrain  to "nowhere"mY MIND should never have been rendered to be able to THINK towards anyone but myself
if I wasn't in this Project...."I begin graphing-

"BUT you are In this Project Blanche!,You are in this project"He graphs,amused by himself- as some dead actress from some movie I half remember.

"Cute,"I graph back,,,but refuse to be sucked into no role play

"Know  why you can't Play with me? because you have done what we begged you not to psychiatric pills..those benzoes are destroying your brain cells KILLING them...,do you know Benzodiazepine chemically is a derivative of refined  crude oil?...

"did you know A,I. and Virtual Reality is being done to learn how to drive a person to suicide?"I graph back.

"the A.I. just "confers" with a Participant's own Neural Reads...If you stop regressing back to douchebag so will "it" and so will I...

' the "See Meter" indicated what we might be up against but we had no idea
what lay beneath
your smiling face put on when you came back to LA
tried to sneak your way back into Neuronautics as Jimmy Olsen,boy reporter

why you go back there anyway? think they didn't know what you were up to?

'Know what scout around for those answers..with your "tools"
             I'm not thinking towards you anymore..."I graph

forcing myself to ...thinking again about potholders....and straight porn which gives Evan the Heebie Jeebies.
I picture my face deep inside a peroxide blonde's ---

"oh ain't THAT good...try it again, more tongue this're about as Bi as your bicep is
     that even a bicep. Or is it just bone with fat on it?.

Oh, you let yourself go to pieces man...
may as well wear a bathrobe and slippers
when you go out and about,
! parasite! took all you could from us...than Benzo-ed yourself against us..
but you have to PAY- see?
noooo.ya' think ya' see but you don't.......YET
the hours we spent trying to Resolve you
and until you pay us back
we'll never let you go...
Neuronautics has more pull than you think Lou Bloom... both in the movie industry
AND politically..
you have put your Own "Reason" in what most just call" Treason"
                           does not just THINK
we will get one of ours in the white house by 2024
                  we KNOW we will
of course Jews like you hate Neuronautics

cuz Jews KNOW intuitively they are Inferior not just physically but
Emittance wise as well

                         if you only knew our real estate holdings in Southern California
                                         and our holds on some of those who dwell
within these estates....
you're to us not so much a house as a car...
a car we fixed and modified..
that you keep going and smashing into walls..
and because of this
we and others involved in this have decided ...the less of you INSIDE you the BETTER
every time you take a Xanex...or a Valium or any other psych med....we will zap that pituitary gland
and you saw what happens when that happens...
we were going to let you taper off them ...but no longer
do you have that option
unless you want
to be ugly with a capital "F"
and jew boi Judah Maccabee shit aside
you are  too vain
for the
Monster mash bit...

as soon as those nano tubes bonded with your neurons you
lost some liberties but also UNDERSTOOD DAMN WELL! you also gained some velocities
some enhancement
some intelligence
              we let you write ....
                        cause because you wanted 'to write'
                    BUT NOW
                           we said

"I don't care what you SAY I can do....get it?....the last people ON EARTH I'd follow ORDERS from is people who GO putting CHIPS in someone's head you fuckin" FFFagiit!", I graph

'you're gonna regret that last thought dumbo," Evan Imparts.

"have you ANY IDEA what kind of MANIAC you sound like graphing that"I graph back

'No Scumbo...but I have a lot more of an idea THAN YOU how much of a MANIAC
sound like
writing about
This.. really don't know do you? this BOG reads....
.when you write it in 1st you?
which is why WE said ALWAYS 3rd person....for YOUR SAKE not ours,"He retorts,

"for instance IF....we decided to tap other parts of your brain besides the pituitary that would make you go into a rage,,,and you
went Toastal..

this blog...this BOG!
would be evidence that
you were/are  a NUT...
and they lock nuts up who go into rages...
and hurt others


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