Thursday, November 6, 2014

...the day days do these strange days the form of ...
                  me being...reminded ....that
                     one must....stop and think a moment ...before one "runs with a thought ...that ONE lets become a "type of thinking"
we.(my mentors and I are trying to first deconstruct and next delineate ...)are attempting to Resolve.

if one "Nips a Post Neural Firing in the bud" before it grows into a "thought "styling" one is making more progress.
than -according to Tru Christie,"one such as yourself..would have ever made without Neuronautics in your life...and it might be a good idea for me to every now and than learn to not just read what Gary wrote but HIS INTENTIONS for writing what he did...
and that Gary spent years and decades...
gaging HIS own Abberations-and that Gary Rainy himself often found himself as Abberant as we find you and never mind that we are doing this" remote viewing" style
one such as yourself
could not be expected to follow up on his sessions and sit  still like a Normal person
and do what it takes to enhance oneself on the evolutionary scale...
you'd be typing your foot..making little glowering faces ...and disturbing the Enway of
paying clients
and not charity cases like yourself...

as for the hubbub about
you for instance choosing to write  the "G.H. Pedow" story which is OURS and not your own
presented to you
to simply help you
remove yourself from your own self
and your past
that we might proceed
to futures
that might more easily assimilate upon your drugged out ...fucked up little mind
if we
did not have to
muck about in "what made little Dumbo such a dumbass ...because we know what made Dumbo
what he is...
and that is between You ,Me and the Merge....

the reason we have begun presenting you with more radical imagery is because
for lack of better words
"when I was a child I graphed as a don't want us Tele -Presenting you the Great Gazoo
and a talking mini wheat for the rest of your life do you...?You can take whatever we graph you Peter.."

"yes sir" I graph back,knowing that is what is expected..

and I must say it feels good to Point Of View
my graphing
from afar,in that I am Imbued with POINTANALITY that "there was no..childish glower...or grimacing in my retort...that my mind almost seemed like the mind of man instead of a dirtbag's.

POINTANALITIES aside Tru Christie continues his interface

"In the old days practitioners of medicine who dealt specifically with Abberations of Thought Style would toss the victim of this Mis -Mindedness into a snake pit to as they say ,"shock the monkey" to such an extreme that "the monkey"s nervous system had little else it could do than Re Adjust it's neural networks in armament toward such intrusion....
that's  all we're doing FOR you Pete.
Shocking the badness out of you.
begins only when  Re -Formatting is necessary ....
the Phoenix rises from what?...From ashes...

we are scaring you
mainly to combat the INGRAINS that have latched upon your degenerate soul
so -who knows"maybe you won't have to spend all Hereafter in some type of hell
a hell of a lot more real than our simulation of such

"ooooh THAT all this is?Oooh than by all means continue," I graph sarcastically forgetting I am "online" with Tru and not EVAN but surprisingly Tru does not castigate me
instead graphing ,
"Be as sarcastic as you want ..on this end of the terminal..progress has indeed been gaged..."

I don't THINK toward Tru
but in a signal that he recognizes as
(being a Level 3) I cannot buffer

and knowing it is not TOWARD automatic response of -youmust be outtayour mind/if you think//I believe /u are doing this/ to savemy soul

"we haven't given up on you just yet...why, at this point in your tenure on tether I might even feel comfortable having you over at my house for dinner and not feel as if I had to burn 4 sticks of Sage after you left to get rid of the wicked Emanations you left behind"

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