Sunday, November 9, 2014

the making of the president 2020(catfish.on.a .poll.)

Adam Parker threw the latest rewrite of "King Creole" against the wall..
He was 51 years old for Christ's sake ...too old to play any of the versions of Danny Fisher these idiot screenwriters wrote and rewrote-

He called Valerie
"No way am I doing this.. It will ruin my career "

"Honey ,"Valerie said,"you won't have a career if you don't play Danny Fisher..and never forget who gave you a career
A wife
AND a child
Parasol Pictures that's who
.and most of all don't forget we have every word of your Solicit Sessions on tape dear.
.What kind of career do you think you're going to have if those were ever released to the press kiddo,"Valerie said,quickly sweetening her tone, saying,
"So the movie will tank...what matters are the billboards, the signs ,the ads"

Valerie stared at the "ADAM PARKER IS KING" poster above her dressing table and couldn't help stifle her anger ,her anger that Adam was going to ruin the whole thing
"Let me tell you a little story about a man named Montgomery.."Valerie said,
."Clift ,I believe his last name was..oh what a beautiful man he was ,ike you Adam.
Miss Clift also didn't want to play along...and suddenly Miss Clift wasn't so
Mon-ty-mental anymore.
..would be ashamed if Adam Parker somehow
he put his car in Park and oops!
"wasn't so
Park-er -esque anymore.. .?'
"Don't threaten me Valerie,"Adam yelled in Valerie Prentis's ear.

"Oh Adam you sound presidential when you huff like that," Valerie giggled turning confidant,sympathetic "oh sweet Adam,just roll with it...take some Nembutal..some crank..we'll give our version of Danny Fisher a drug can be stoned out of your mind through the entire can bloat up if you want...we'll say -look how far he went to play this character...."
Adam carried the phone into the kitchen and pulled out a ice covered pint of ice cream...and held it in his hand ,prying open the lid Adam wondered if he could be stoned
"his next part"
all four years of it....
and the moment he thought that
Adam could have sworn he heard a tiny voice .not his own and not from the phone...whisper-
".......Only during your second term"


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