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",,,,carry your books and hold your arm"(The House of Peto 1963)

"hey little girl in the high school sweater,,gee bit I'd  like to know you better,"
Peggy Sue Peto  heard
                            or moreso PERCIVED
 upon wakening
that Sunday morning
alone in bed

watching that fine piece of ass.
made me want Peggy Sue
so bad I had a fleeting desire to give myself a good wank.

Mind over Matter Amalgamated had
purchased me a rental within range to
pulse a few
Imbues past Mrs. P's ear canal and go right to Voice to Skull
US3060795 *May 7, 1958Oct 30, 1962Precon Process And Equipment CApparatus for producing visual stimulation
US3278676 *Oct 29, 1962Oct 11, 1966Precon Process And Equipment CApparatus for producing visual and auditory stimulation
libido notwithstanding
I decided to forego any self stimulation
and just focus on the tv monitors
recording Mrs P.'s
reaction to emoting...
this odd new form of communicado

the cameras that had been placed in various variousities around the Peto
mainly were me to 'read' Peggy Sue's predictive responses to
my pulsations.
Ooooh. how fine this
Peggy Sue looked
on film
somehow better than real life.....
My automatic response
was toward ..self release...
but one never if the same crew who had peppered up the P)eto's place had not also saw fit
to monitor me
Peggy Sue..
the cams were not so small as not to be seen thus had to placed behind mirrors
in light fixture ample and opaque enough
catch just enough facial expression to at least gather where the one way conversation was to go next
....the technicalities of voice to skull pulsation
can be summed up best
as transmitting words that are taken by the target
as sourceless.
for the sound is not heard by anyone other than the recipient
Silent Sound....
Hearing Voices

I pulsed to Peggy
the rest of my 'silent' serenade

 .. swinging  your books and chewing gum/just
like    a Juicy plum..hey Little guuurl."

There was no one else in the room
earlier I saw G.H.
leave the room ,being all gentle like
not to wake
the fine piece of ass next to him

... on weekends G.H. always made coffee and breakfast...ya' see
I heard Peggy boast to some friend on the telephone ...rigged of course for

 .. hey little girl in the black silk stockings
gee but you got my heart rocking"the "voice " not a voice ..but microwaves
me pressing all the right knobs and buttons...
and micro phoning my sweetness annnnnd tiiiiight
                       The words,the phrases that would soon
                       if all went according to
                       break down
                       all Peggy Sue's


the words came ,
                                                                      Peggy Sue thought
not quite 
 outside my  mind....and not quite inside my mind  either...

                                         and for this reason
                                                       she  made not so much as a tilt of  head.
nor shift of  gaze toward either the bedroom window or  radio
"See" ...where the sound was coming from
besides Peggy CSue knew  that Sound ...could not really Be Seen


 watching the TV screen
connected to the  small cameras
someone from
hid along with even smaller  sound  recording devices
I wished I had some recording device I could shove right into Peggy's I could hear what my conquest was thinking.

I suppose I was expecting
a yell
a shout
or to see terror in her eyes
but no...she just listened

she had no choice .in the matter
I reckon she must of thought it was "just something that would pass"like some odd sense of Deja Vu
"no you fine piece of tail" I felt like pulsing
we're just getting started.

somehow one's ears,Peggy thought
could usually 'tell"where a sound was emanating from...
'maybe some part of the brain relating to not just perceiving sound but also gaging approximate distance and direction of sound was part of the mind's signal system ..she would ask G.H. about this
type of information that Mind over Matter Algamated was invested in finding out.
the words were from a song
everybody gets songs "stuck in their heads" don't they she asked herself.she told herself

 the lyrics  that ,Peggy was familiar with however were not being sung
but said
by a Voice that was not unpleasant, at least NOT was 'it' unpleasant in the way someone's voice might sound that one overheard for instance in a restaurant..

 wearing that crazy skin tight shirt
and that crazy ugly shirt
het little girl can I come along/carry your books and hold your arm
I am hopin gyou'll tell me yes/cuz you're the girl I love the best
hey hey hey

the voice.
maybe more than the words conjured up for her
an image ...the way old radio programs...or descriptive novels did
about a type of boy
boys she knew in High School.
 boys whose physical attractiveness or athletic prowess. And also those with a ferocious-ness of presence that intimidated as much as these qualities appealed.
           star qualities
              that gave these "boys" some kind of license(that very few thought of revoking)
                 to act in a way that those without such attributes  would never presume
                    to play out upon another..
Boys who would say not only the most provocative, filthy things imaginable to girls such as
               Peggy Sue .whom to most.
               (as Peggy ,as well possessed certain qualities based upon her own physical attributes that placed something of a 4th wall between herself and 'the world"..
and for this reason
     Peggy was an unsuitable target for such harassment.
to a type
that also had 4th wall     "protection"

"hey hey hey...uhhh huh "

The voice made her remember one such boy in particular
both a jock and something of "a hood" who would make it a point of literally howling like a wolf when ever Peggy Sue passed by..
once this boy even grabbed his member and caught Peggy in a locked glanced
he knew he had "won"
and licked his lips ,and winked his eye....

"A penny,' Peggy heard  G.H. asked,looking down at her ..

"oh dreaming..." Peggy said

"Guess what ?one of the cactus died..and the parakeets seemed to have flown away from the apple tree.."

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