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Prelude to Neuronautics (The Frey Effect)/Entertaining Mr.Rainy

 I am not quite sure if Mr. Rainy "suffers" from Delusions of Grandeur so much as "buffers" himself  with it," "Dr.*** 1958,"he is strangely charismatic ...and may be quite useful  if "purposed "correctly*"
it is not so unusual
though it is
if one thinks about it.
that since perhaps the beginning
man has wanted to not only own ....the seas,the lands,the plants.the animals...
and the men and women
who dwelt upon the land
after all we are animals
that simply do not taste good

if we tasted better .
there would be quite less of us
around ,
however if one can own another man
and make another his Sheppard.his forager, his domain
the man owned by another
will be induced to
to feed his owner
to dance for his owner
and even bow down to his owner
he will learn to smile albeit -too widely
but this false-ity of broad smile and the "yes sir..yes master" that goes with
in fact pleases
his owner
more than the "real " fake smile of his wife,
his sons
and daughtersacceptance of my TRUE BEING
has forced me to forego
all the lies
I have told myself
about my TRUE NATURE
MAN can only
if MAN accepts his True Wiring
these niceties----these civilities we coat ourselves with
are for the weak willed
and weak minded
Those placed here to be eaten alive
by one's Bettors
.men and women who place a cage upon not only their outer Visage
but also
their very own mind
deserve what destiny awaits them
ONLY my own acceptance of my own beastliness...
caught the attention of the GRAND ENTITIES
that only come to
men of grandiosity
the populace of this once great and mighty nation
has been taught to find
in themselves
through television
through movies
and pop songs
is it any wonder
nations truer to their innate natures
will take us over
anyone not chained
not bound to another
"make the repairs"to their BEINGSHIP
is only because one such as this
has childlike perceptions and perspective of a puff of wind with a beard
certain aspects of cleric
has rammed down our collective throats
most men
NEED to be lead
as all Leaders NEED to LEAD
-Gary Rainy 1961

*Traumatic Radio Frequency Pulses: Voices Within One's Head - Microwave Hearing

Frey Effect: Neural Manipulation By Remote Radar

Link - Advanced Security

The first American to publish a paper on microwave hearing  was Allan H. Frey in 1961.
Microwave Detector - click for larger view

Frey first made the announcement, about neural manipulation by remote radar, on April 24 1961 at the Aerospace Medical Association Meeting in Chicago. 

"The possibility of brain signal transcription or what we might call "mind reading " technology in the next  few decades will  place the burden of-" one being worth BEING" not upon one's race or ethnic heritage on equivocal Science-Ideology."

" Dr Ewen Cameron warned that people with mental illnesses could spread and transmit their diseases. He warned that government institutions should take measures against such potential liabilities. Cameron began to base some of his notions on race, as is seen in his theories regarding the German people.
In the late 1940s, Cameron presented his ideas in a lecture entitled Dangerous Men and Women.



                                                                          rendered images of
                                                                                   men capturing other men run
                                                                                       through an inner vision
                                                                                              inside me
                                                                                      inside US ALL
                                                                            that one might assume cannot
                                                                                    be tampered with
                                                                           but how much of
                                                                                  our imagery truly comes
                                                                                     from sight.From the
                                                                               actual eye
                                                                           when I ask you dear reader
                                                                                   to remember your 5th grade teacher
                                                                        PICTURE her ...or try to....this recall
                                                                             only bring "to mind" to
                                                                        the 'working parts" of your
                                                                                that function quite like a TV set
                                    the men
                                  that desire to own another man
                                  have tried and succeeded to understand
how .
one's inner vision
                                                         could they not?
why would they not.
why go towards any Final Frontier but this
it is only natural?
is it not
for man
to survey and study
(and steal)
                                  to capture
  what one tries daily
 to conceal from others
                                 their TRUE THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS
one of the first things one learns is to "keep certain things to oneself"
 those days are over
 these days a man or woman MUST BE scanned like a e of luggage
       a nervous tick,a jumpy leg,a "sneaky" pupil or unaccounted for gaze
             MUST be looked into

thank goodness
for brain signal transcription OR
        I WOULD NOT
allowed on this plain----------------------------

but I not
allowed TO BE
               on THIS PLAIN? am I
                                          not for much longer
signal transcription
mind reading technology
                goes hand in hand in with categorizing
                           one now knows
                                      and MUST know
                                                  WHO amongst us
                                                            is NAUGHTY.OR NICE
CAN NO LONGER pretend TO be
                  good for goodness sake

                AN  organism .....(all organisms) .....presume upon the atmosphere
                                and had discovered a MADMAN....A LOON
                                                          (one such as I.
                                                                  one such as I)
a type of "psychic " energy-that effects THE WORLD around them
insanity (and certainly one such as I who hears and sees things.....) aberration of THOUGHT STYLE
                (till now) in the time of brain mapping
                                        and chartered courses and courses of cortex .

the coursing ..."of coursing "synaptic signals
we were taught
and still are
ONLY G-d can read
..................................and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh how we will be punished
                                                          for all eternity
                                                                 for what genetic pre-dispositionS
(3)                                                                          has rendered style
or do we
LIE to ourselves about such matters
that "we were born this way"
      and cannot help it?
have come to the right place   my Mentor said
                                                                     as ONLY Neuronautics
                                                                                can FIX you
          we call



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