Tuesday, November 11, 2014

whose afraid of virginia wolves?/Pierce(d) Homes

I know why I'm writing this
you don't
and that's a problem.
                              cuz .I guess people write stuff.
                                   to be understood.
                                     or to try to make another understand something.
                                       a situation....i'm attempting write about not just my experience
                                          being in a "program" created for programmers to learn ..well
                                             have to program someone
                                               it is something I am not supposed to write about
                                                   but 'to be game"
                                                      to not write about it
                                                         to not write about being 'a game' to type of
                                                           experts..that have either been "forced" or persuaded
                                                              to participate in this
                                                                 makes me ..or would...as devoid of ethics as them

in order to write of some of this.
I must fictionalize aspects of it.
but that too diminishes the "heart of the matter"
which is as preposterous as it sound  not fictional but true..

the more access have I have to certain memeories.
the more some of this is explained to me by people in the filed
(mainly those who have themselves been involved in certain programs.
and have left "these programs. Which involved/involve Human or quote un quote "Sociological Studies" Experiments
are ex-employees of many capital letter 3 letter agencies.
who ,in their words are now old enough (many I have spoken to face to face
our meetings arranged ...quite like -"I will be wearing a bow tie and a grey trench coat.will have a car pick you up
one stop on new jersey transit
before Trenton...)
---all of this 'would have been fun...or at least exciting" in some Nicholas cage ..."i spi with me little I" way.
if it were not for the tears ...
and pain expressed by "my" whistle blowers
who bring to ME files about what THEY and one's like them not only did to ME
but my family
nearly 55 years ago
how they destroyed both my mother and fathers life
in a purposed and calculated manner
with not only mind bending "Mickeys"
placed people to act as gentle Persuaders(handlers)and
primarily what was called Voice to Skull Technology developed late in the second world war
the studies /the experiments were
Tier based.
and from the beginning focused on Second generation "denominators" -the children of innocent couples unaware that "change agents" had zeroed in on them
to create incidents
that would purposely unravel all aspects of their lives(financial,emotionalcognitive,spiritual)
so that "the state of play"
would be in keeping with the next part of "sociological testing"
fostering incidents
at a young couple,my parents...with all matter of advanced Pharmacuetical and psychotronic
means of manipulation
at these shadow ,off grid groups fingertips..
I did not expect that technologies existed (beyond pharmaceutical agents) "back in the early 1960's
to induce thoughts into another's mind with Silent Sound...
nor did I expect "operators ,some in the mid 80's
to show me photgraphs of both my mother and father taken from afar...(once again a bad Nicholas Cage film)
when th of them (my birth parents ) were in their late teens
was their anything unique about these young newlyweds ....I asked
"No," a man invoved in procurement of individuals said,"They just seemed very happy,very much in love..they were very attractive,very "good"
and we wanted to see if certain methods at our disposal
could break them
methodically destroy
so they could proceed to Phase two
introducing a catalyst to "incapacity your mother with certain mind altering drugs...
that would
enable "one of the team" to essential rape her.
so the added element of a baby from another
might be the final blow
to the couple's marriage ....so they might proceed to
introduce various
"Change Agents"
to help raise a child to be
purposely traumatized and abused....as to "have to go Psychic"or at the very least dichotomize their developing Ego,ID  and "traits"
so they might further down the line "be coreless" in basic nature
and thus swayed by both advances in Psychotronic "silent sound" inducement
and Imprint Techniques
the substitute parental figures
were deliberately placed
to "bringing up crazy"
The excuse.-even back in the late 60's /early 70's
national security
The Russians you see were known to be conducting
similar "projects" and
according to several ex-employees(who thought they were doing the RIGHT thing...as it was a small secot of the population this was done to...but NOT that small)
and "we had no choice but to replicate their methods to produce "Psychic Soldiers"
and "essels who would ONLY be ..or feel a "synthesized as it was"beholden-ness to the "state" of "how they were raised"
to make sacrifices and "do things"
other's not raised "to do certain things' might One Day
be asked (persuaded) to do

The perception of causality. Methuen, 1963. 8. Nass, C., Steuer, ... patent 6,470,214, Silent Sound(Voice to Skull-microwaved induction of "voice" /thought

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