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Jim Bloom Mark Gasson – the first person to be infected by a computer virus using an RFID device implanted in his hand. His TED lecture has the same name as his book: “Human implants: from invasive to pervasive”. His views are sympathetic regarding implantation ...See More

  • Jim Bloom RRRRRRRRRRRRise of the PPPPPPPPPPPlanet of the APP-ED!

  • Jim Bloom they needed us to be in our natural environments....everything HAD to second to to quantify our pre-neural firings...(our evoked potentials) NATURALLY you see ...evoked to access our evoked potentials (our p300 brain signals..(at the start of the tests ..ya' see....most of us have been "in the program" of this MIND FUCK for decades. ya' see. I'd say 1/3 of us do not progress enough to be every 7 or so years "up graded ta' see with newer components...we ain't talkin' no RFD chips here brotha".....our upgrades the years went smaller and smaller...but their capacities got larger and larger as to not just transcribe brain signals into language ...easy as pi. by the way...but ...towards having access and transmit (to and from) of all 5 of our senses....I shit thee not...and these maniacs....want us to think of it as a gift....ya' see...not something one who performs such Mesmerizing techniques might ooooh.I don't know Be Hanged for ...after some Nuremberg type trial....(no trial will ever occur every fuckin fortune 500 company etc has a stake in this ) cuz' everything was based on we TIs being in out natural help...of any kind was provided us..never mind there /was nothing quite natural about having one's entire nervous system literally "taken over by ...another human nor computer...since the days of the pharoses...the powers that seize wanted...and felt it was their divine duty(as kings and queens ...literally believe their birthright to govern and lead is divined.....and we.....or at least those in England ...flock around these princes and princesses like ...they deserve anything but someone throwing a fuckin' shoe at their heads for having the gall to "present" in such a fashion...(we do this with movie stars who encourage our children to dress like whores....aspire to attain "bling,swag...and some kind of beauty only 3 percent of the population have....this small percent ...well...they become models ..or actors...well...this is their world ...these kings and cocksuckers we bow down to...and those who do not make a spectacle of themselves ...are in much ways more dangerous ..provided of course they have dough and all the wrong things dough might buy....dough isn't enough for most....POWER is almost as alluring as the temporary ...Clout of youth/beauty ....and things..such as real estate....or even a new prettier wife than the first one ..or second ..well you can't push around a wife too much...nor a piece of real estate ..cause you'll break something...and people with power like breaking things....where does such a power hungry kunt turn to inflict such power....why did some one say there's a whole new industry....what? it's called the singularity? and because this singularity is sooo important why OF COURSE we must break the rules and ....tinker with the technology and do human testing...and if the "folks" can't handle it well...well maybe They were right after all about ...this Eugenics bizness after all.IN fact let's "make that " part oi the program..never know BCI and A.I. may be a great tool in weeding out the wrong type.....

    "dude," Tru Christie graphs'...maybe you do need to smoke crack
    if only cuz it might get ya" off your soapbox...
    and dumbo it was people on soapboxes
     in England
    they threw shoes at..
    know why dumbo?
    cuz ...the POLICE protected their "divined" rulers from
    why cuz' that's the way the world is
    and the way the world is
     for you...yes, is different....but noooobody but your team understands VR and A,I and BCI.
    think of as schizophrenia or some pleasant psychosis
    damn...not cuz ' we're trying to "hideit" ...not really
    but so you might stop trying to explain it to nobody who understands what in Christ's name you're saying..
    and why uhhhh"the powers that seize"
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh saw ...well
    this dude
     seemed maybe  to NNNNNneeeeed some policing...some mentoring...
    you  are demonstrate sooo well......why
    you ARE some Dissident...
    some rabble-rouser .jackass.
    that criticizes the way of the world
    instead of trying to help fix it
    even in some very small way

    IF you wanted to be "in the dough" you would have worked everyone else in the world
    not many folks smoke dope and crack and sleep till 4 pm friend
    nooooobody feels bad for you
    I suspect most people are ON our side...
    that a wacko...who has no sense .....(as they  can see -by what you post)
    needs to be -FIXED
    and that's all what we're trying to do...
    and if you think you can go around trashing OUR technology!
    Our methods ...
    than we have every right to fuckin bury you in some desert..
    I would go to jail gladly for it..
     ............................know why because of your ingratitude....
                                   you have made me lose hope in .....
    "oooh you are good at this Tru..."I graph.
    "know why.I'm good at this? because I'm an actor....who you think did this to you...
    you think these 3 letter agencies
    you write about would..or could do this?
    no ONLY actors
    have this fortitude
    know why those chumps become ***8agents?
    cuz they saw one of us actors play one on tv.or in the movies
    the world is run by movies..not
    the *** or the president the tv
    and that's why those fuckers
    sent you to LA
    They hate Hollywood.
    your fuckin father hates Hollywood as did you grandfather
    The CCA,MCA ...NBC>HBO>has more pull more money and certainly more brains than any of those dumb shits in black slacks
    who only joine dthe *** and the *** and the ***
    thinkin" it would be like TV
    so they
    sent dumbo to neuronautics and to Hollywood
    to start typing all this shit his dad told him....
    know how we know that?
    a little other three letter bizness called ATand T
    and also one of OUR guys..
    or gals..
    KNEW what your pop was up to
    and his big ideas to fight Hollywood
    who put these ideas about Hollywood in his head...
    the ***
    from way back in the
    day of
    houses of un American activities
    those assholes in Washington still think every fuckin
    coffee table MEANS something ..that every pattern a "lead character's wing man wear on their shirt means something
    yeah..and he shoved all that into your head for years and years
    "Is this a rundown?" I graph.cuz he isn't doing it like he usually  does..
    "no isn't a's me talking to you straight and to THEM who set you up..Not Us...and certainly not Neuronautics...
    who THEY also decided to USE you for..
    make you bait...
    they purposely MADE you into a little child man
    and I hate them for it...
    from now on we're changing your last name
    I'll think of something
 think of something
    I'm bossing you around ...cuz they bossed you around lied to you pretended they were something else all your life"
    "so ..your like the Russians or something?"
    "yeah...we're like the Russians or something..would it matter if we were..we put 175,000 nano chips in your blood are whatever we decide you are at any given time.."
    "now you're in even more trouble thn you were !"Tru graphs,"cause your automatic response was that you didn't care if we were the Russians"
    so you don't mind if smoke crack
    is all I am thinking though
    whatever my automatic response mayhave been to his graphing

    "YES I MIND IF YOU smoke CRACK asshole...'s illegal
    b/. It makes you even more of a loser than you already are..

    do it with Evan...
    anything to kill you off faster this point

    we kinda wanted to see if
    we could use this tech  to
    help you write a movie

    and than DDDDDDDDDDumbo
    starts spouting on about actors being sociopaths

    and how demented it is that people "bow down" to movie stars
    now nobody can imagine working with you
             BCI wise
    with some hater..

    you do that with lots of things..

    we said ....there's ways to say what you a way that won't someone want to punch you in the face/
    or make them want to put a new set of apps in you and
    PLay with you like your a toy

    I play with you like a toy
    like a BOY
    cuz you have no ...really no adult-ness in you somehow
    you're a human cartoon

    even your legitimate ....desire to have us boiled in oil for doing this thing which of course IS wrong,to you
    somehow ...becomes
    cartoonish ....

    what is wrong with you

    "you are ...this"

    " we've used voice to skull on you since you were born ....and holography've never had a genuine thought of your own since you were born..and who ya' think made your dad ...say all that stuff to you for yours and years...

    puppet man..'

    your pop was a dissident
    so we taught that fucker a lesson
    ...that G.H Petostory

    who you think
    was the one who

    claimed her...


    meaning what?meaning who am I to you ..

    "my dad?"

    Wesley Christie.
    has a nice ring to it dontcha thing


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