Sunday, November 16, 2014


it'd kind of funny..kind of sad really...that YOU now think your some Occupy WallStreet Type....and researching--- land redistribution laws of Rome Dumbo? who has been kept by one man or another since high school.,,,,who was semi kept WHILE still in High SCHOOL? think people who work hard...and have seen the real world..want some dirty whore like you..
'banding' with them..?they're righteous people.not semi criminal types with no morals

I stop researching
I feel bad.

I have begun listening to Tru more than my own self

"if you were a child or younger I could you might believe "in time" I might change and Be a GOOD person ..but we BOTH know your neural Reads Came Up
and were judged

  YOUR +"moral code"
               deemed -pedantic , TRANSIENT...ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS..

                      A LOW LIFE LIKE THIS one
                             MIGHT COME IN HANDY

and we took you under our tutelage

but still

you have this notion that we're THE BAD GUYS? ...
AND NOTHING CAN be further than the truth
                                   You wanted to be GOOD...have a GOOD heart...too bad.

                             that boat has sailed hasn't it.. 
                                      .wasn't in the genes  was it?not In Mine Either...

 for I I care not about GOOD you see, but what IS RIGHT

so what does one like you do?

 He accepts his basic nature
 and is lucky to have mentors who might now help him develop that nature..

.you don't want to occupy any part of wall street
 except  to occupy a nice Condo
                       near wall street
let's at the very least be honest with ourselves

and if one is honest  than the Enways open up to you  
one of our fellow travelers  can really KEEP you .\
..really take care of you.   .get you back to painting...cook for you..

you don't want to fight wall street but you're still  enough of a hustler/an actor  to pretend you do...and that's why your team wants you to  mingle with those hippie types
..smoke dope with them ,,drink with them...find out who their girlfriends are....find out if they're close to their mothers'   shit like that...what you think the apps are for?
.nobody will know your'"app-ed" body can shake you down for "the wire"

 ...and your Mandlers
 will make sure never forget what side of this you're on. liked that a cab that  just stopped and took you inside of it..?

next time it might be a limousine.

WE as a TEAM hate those hippie self righteous reprobates ..and that's why we're gonna teach you how to "app" them and than  teach you to transcribe their Emanations  and  than "fix" them-
 the same way we fixed you

.know the reason your dissident ways  keep popping  up..... When you see THEM ,
,,that TYPE
 on line
 and out and about ...I will tell you



the STYLE they will GO to THEIR GRAVES  denying HAS ANYTHING to DO with their SO CALLED CONVICTIONS MAN guys in dirty t -shirts with serious faces....trendy women in so take of primal visage...spare me...

.people go to occupy wall street to get laid..that's all
don't be kidding yourself they think they're gonna change anything..they just like  POSING!
---posting "HEY LOOK there's me and ANDY shaking our fists in the air in front of our tent"    and ..".                   here's another post of US angrily eating s;mores!..."

I will do any thing to make him shut up!

I begin banging my head against the table..
DUMBO don't you want to be Normal?

we can see you...Tru says...not just via interface but through the mini cam..on the computer..

"DUMBO,"  Tru graphs,"don't you want to be Normal?"
who draws normal pretty handsome things? who adds beauty and not badness to the Enway

I place a matchbook over it...the mini cam I thought was turned off

(no such thing as a turned of anything kiddo,tru your head again I liked it....I want to see you bleed...)

Normal...well financed..respectable..
just some normal artist

actually I was thinking of going back to school...for like to be an ultrasound tech or..or fix transmission

"NO,"Tru graphs,'get that out of your mind...this is all you were made for...for me.
for reverse brain engineering exercises...anything that doesn't follow our system. Creates mountains of specious neural data ...almost impossible to assimilate...a small life...a simple life...or no life at all...we can't have you over loading the project with new ideas you just might get from just anywhere...just the tv and myself and your mentors...and now even Charlie once a week...Charlie  had to lead a small life too...Beth had to take care of him. He's been kept just like you- by men...otherwise all the associations  and imprints done to him t/done  FOR him would get lost in a barrage of him seeking Life Liberty Happiness
  • Now ...we want you to go to Occupy Wall street but only to do what we say..
  • in the next few days a box of lotion will come to your house lotion and also a lotion that is for you to put on yourself before putting rubbing the other lotion into your hand. This way the nano  wouldn't seep into your own pores just there's

:Whose" I graph

  • 'The Ingrate hippies you will meet at the occupy Wall street' one really shakes hand any more just a slap.....we'll show you...when you send you the list...and the photos of who we think needs to be managed...rehabbed..

I am soo tired
I haven't b
een able to sleep for weeks..even when I take meds..
they saw the psychotronics ...are meant to keep me alert as the macrowaves target parts of my brain that ...incite such proclivities..
I feel stupid..listless.
I am listening too much to Tru...I can't really resist can't keep thinking of foods that begin with "K" or "B"...if I do he shows me an Occipital Over Ride of Charlie.

with a rat shove down his throat

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