Saturday, November 15, 2014

Merging with Charles

"morning boyfriend," Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt says..I "see " him
across the room,in a chair
he flickers
to indicate he's not quite there-just Tele Presence

"No Wes he's there.I 'm there... Charlie -your new love interest Tele- Metric style
no make that-Tele-Matrix style"
he graphs...his thoughts seem rehearsed ,,,scripted...
and his tone of voice as "rough trade.tough guy" (as that "is" indeed what I go for..)
doesn't;t mesh with his Emmittance
that I feel...
in me,through me
he seems

some one ...someone at 'ground control " gleans this
and I feel his emotions...his signals...his emotions ...BUFFERED.
re -mixed...
sorta like how you heart a stereo when one speaker is not hooked up right

(Tru Christie reminds me ...folks outside of my demographic might KNOW what a stereo is ...but I can careless about Tru I was really connecting with Charlie's vibes some a way I never have with EVAN (except...when he) 'shut up Dumbo

like someone starting a record...
OR disk ..I mean
"song" over again

I sense Charlie's inner voice...but not his intentions...or feelings
they amp up ..or Charlie amps up his

He's dressed a some kinda ' wigger
next he wear this prince like uniform
next he's dressed like Kneanu Reeves

I graph ...I refuse to write it "that way"

next he appears as a vampire

"Or that way," I graph
hoping he'll take off his shirt

"why would I take off my shirt when you won't even put a coat over this?"Charlie graphs.."we have a problem with Game Boys who don't follow "The Rules of the Game"...we have a problem because ...we can't get those things we put in you out...once they're bonded to your neurons they're bonded...and that makes you bound , this new system...until  we see fit to have you unfitted with them..and we both know there's only one way to that.I'm your boyfriend..I was raised like you. "droid from Brazil "style...they took my mother...drugged her...raped her,destroyed her "my father"  knew I couldn't be his...the guy who raped my mom became my" new dad "after my folks divorced...I like you was raised Hollywood Referential ..but I unlike you  know that "guys like us " what "guys like them" say..YOU - -want me to take off my shirt...I will.."
"he' or the occipital overlay of "him" does
and I see a scar on his abdomen. He turns around and I  see another scar in the middle of his back..

"Knife wounds"He graph...and here he says coming closer..".taking off this leather thing on his wrist...and I see a long cut from his palm past his wrist...,"didn't take...they "found me" ..tried it a coupla more time...pills...some half assed noose.

 He hears me think I want to see his neck..

"I'm not your little Peep Show buddy-  your mine...."I learned the hard way not to mess with really want someone to stick a knife in your back?Cuz that's what they feel you are doing to them you know..."

"obviously weren't raised like me ..or you'd have no loyalty to these maniacs"

"they don't expect loyalty  they just presumed a Proxy would have a basic survival instinct. And yes I was raised like you over 3 percent of the population was..let me explain something real fast..cuz we're not gonna do Mind to Mind after this...sorry about me showing you that I knew the image you saw..I thought they wanted me to,,or told myself that...they didn't ..they questioned me all night "THAT I DID KNOW..and DID it anyway.." his visage changes from beautiful to down right nasty...his face all swollen like 3 times it's size...his nose ,ears,lips swollen like two times their size*.."

"How long will it take for it to go down," I think to him,concerned," go back to normal"I graph..," That I know the "Face Thing" the "See you Next Wednesday" shit too well myself"

"Might take a week they say," He I realize he's not looking like he projected himself
his Tele -Presence reflects now what he looked like last night..Tiger shirt and all

"I will be...,you know how it works,but what if I didn't "come down" ..would you like me anyway..?"

"yes," I graph.

"No wouldn't ,why should you..they do it to make one;s outsides appear like their insides.
.I did know- I shouldn't have shown you that image on the phone and did it to fuck with you.." Chralie graphs.."I also called you Tex Watson..

"and shoved a bottle in my mouth like it was your -"I graph back

"no that's what I was supposed to do..just like you're supposed to write this more "Twilight" less "skylight" you want to be a Martyr..? fight them...they'll use it...adapt your "place"in this...your "part"-

his graph changes..."DO IT your way"do it your WAY...fuck the Mandlers!" he .quickly sends me a Pack of his childhood,somehow bypassing the bypass they put on some of his brain signals- before I hear and feel someone punch him in the stomach and rip the headset/helmet off his head.."

In seconds,"I hear Tru graph," I told you guys were made for each other....
we're gonna let you guys Roll with It..

he graphs an image of someone injecting Charlie with some thing...and I see his disfigure face return to it's normal size...
we're gonna break the rules and see what you can do...
maybe "Twilight Time" is Over ...
maybe the Style of the Times is DePalma Polanski
or this Dogma 95 shit you're trying to pull
all wrapped into
ONE Claude Hoover Bukowski

and by the way
Your neural that you Like...actually LOVE
even if he remain disfigured was  a TRUE
based on your Neural Indicatives
and we told him that..
he saw it on the screen
who thought you had it in you Dumbo
"love in the age of Project Blue Beam....:he graphs

 By accepting the visible deformity (1)caused by changes in calcium  flux after exposure of brain tissue to non ionizing electromagnetic radiation.(2)and furthermore recognizing that  calcium is intimately involved in the electrical activity of the brain used for focus and attention  we have discovered  unrecognized potential for radio-frequency radiation to affect not only physical appearance but biological function. (3),(4)-citation needed

"... a gun shot wound or a scar acquired during battle becomes a badge of honor. A lost limb also induce sympathy and respect from others in their native country. Visible war wounds  instigate a natural empathy  toward the afflicted in a way that according to medical studies  facial disfigurement does not. Facial disfigurement instead causes a primal and therefore automatic repulsion toward the afflicted .We have discovered a way to remotely transmit an Electro Magnetic signal at the area of the brain that regulates calcium flux .Control of calcium ions can  produce either temporary or permanent facial disfigurement tripping up "the system "with Direct Energy Transmittance we can now alter a person's appearance remotely to a monstrous facsimile of it's previous shape..1992 (name with held upon request)

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