Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tighe Gracchus(Raising Cain)/Rhino-Plasticity

Evan graphs me...that now might be a good time to write about one of the Gracchus brothers...Tighe Gracchus in particular..
Now Tighe Grachus who grew up around some of the most intriguing men and women in Hollywood..convinced himself that whatever star qualities these "people" had...
Visage...a front...some studied kind of assemblage of projected qualities..
Tighe could not accept that these stars and starlets and all matter of writers ,producers and such
indeed possessed something poor Tighe lacked
Emanations that invited another  into their world rather than
Emanations that seemed to deliberately distance another from whatever 'world" or "worldliness"   The Industry
     either acquired or hired...
ooooh how Tighe hated the beaming light of those actors and actresses who
came to visit.
for their beacons of Light
only seemed to
dim whatever bulb Tighe didn't quite have screwed in right
the stars who came calling upon the family Graccus to pay respects to the Mogul
for helping them "up the ladder" of success.
at first were quite ,quite nice to Tighe
weren't they Dumbo
bringing him small plush toys -tigers and rhinos
and such things as these
but Tighe didn't appreciate no Rhinos did he...or other "safe"symbols
in fact in his spare time ...and OOOOO how spare Tighe MADE of his TIME didn't he. Sparing no one
as he ripped apart "the gifts" these celebrities gave Tighe
ripping and ripping at the "toys" trying to find
some deep meaning
in "the give and take " a proper person "instinctively knows is part of receiving..
however found very little meaning in gifts given and ripped to shreds
but a heaping mess of stuffing and stuffing that
day by day
(as the stars ,writers and illusionists that make Hollywood and The Gaming Industry such hot property began to deliberately give Tighe larger and often scarier symbolic offerings) the stuffing
piled up higher and higher and higher
in Tighe Gracchus's Room
and in his head
as well
so what did Tighe do?
to get OUT from under this mess HE created
..what any ingrate might do...and does
our little baby boi took to the pipe...
and his once not very illustrious career as a 2nd rate painter (and 3rd rate writer)
dried up like
like crack on copper wire..

The pipe made Tighe
feel brave you see.
made him think HE had a calling to expose a wonderful new (but quite old in the making)
format of television
and ooooooh ..the enemies he was making
were quite more than the puff and stuff collecting in
Tighe's not so lonely room

Did Tighe not know whom he was messing with?
or did Tighe need more
lessons in this regard

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