Friday, November 14, 2014'mon everybody....-let's ---------------------- " PLAY a Game "

Bringing together the targeted individuals from all over Europe
We invite all TIs (Targeted Individuals) to the TI-EVENT-2014 meeting!...
Wir laden alle TIs (Targeted Individuals) zu dem TI-EVENT-2014 Treffen! Nous invitons tous les TIs (Targeted Individuals) a la TI-EVENT-2014 réunion!
Zapraszamy wszystkich TIs (Osaczonych) na spotkanie: TI-EVENT-2014!
Wij nodigen alle TIs (Targeted Individuals) uit voor de TI-EVENT-2014 bijeenkomst!
Zveme všechny TIs (Zacílené osoby) k TI-EVENT-2014 setkání!
¡Todas las víctimas de hostigamiento o TIs están invitadas a la reunión TI-EVENT-2014!!

This single day event is to bring together the Targeted Individuals from all over Europe. The event aims at creating more awareness about the human rights violations committed against them and unaware civilians.
Letter to the European Parliament
After the event a letter will be presented to the European Parliament together with harassement descriptions of victims. The same letter and harassment descriptions will be presented to the governments of all European countries during 2014/2015.


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