Sunday, November 9, 2014

adam parker is KING

Adam had  read the original  1958 script...
and wondered how
modernized Indis O say
could make the story of an impoverished 19 year old high school drop out DANNY FISHER who wrastles" his way through street fights and "floozies" in New Orleans

"Jesus this a confusing movie...."
Adam said to Valerie turning off the video she had asked him to watch

"it's not about the movie it's about the song"Valerie said touching his thigh

"How is a 51 year old man supposed to play a teenager...
I'll look like an idiot.." Adam Parker said

"He won't be a teenager ..he will be a Fireman,a fireman who sings a support his father..
Danny Fisher  gets in fights with bad  Firemen who are in some syndicate that starts fires..some Jews or something ...who want insurance money for their real estate losses.."
"what?" Adam says house mouth agape
"I'm joking ,I'm joking "Valerie says quickly wondering if Adam would truly care either way" ...maybe we'll make them Arabs ...or who were born to play King Creole ...quite literally. Born for it," Valerie said slipping her hand further up Adam's Black slacks

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