Monday, November 10, 2014

potholders and persons "of interest"

they're astounded I put some of our
no not OUR
cuz I never wanted this
Their little demands and sensory over -rides up

and I graph I am just documenting.
my captivity
and anyone kidnapped ...has a motivation to scream...

(nobody believes you He graphs)

so what the fuck you care if I write about it for? I graph back

it's about respect

he graphs
"respect people who are gonna make me do what you made me do your ago...?"

(he graphs people in some cities prefer older types....
as it makes them feel less intimidated.
nor do they make too many comparisons
in terms of
"out of one's league.." etc.....
I don't need you to explain to me how to be a whore buddy)

that's for sure whored yourself out as an outsider artist.
cuz it made you not have TO TRY to be a better painter....)

it fell into my lap that label

(Oh no didn't fall into your was a test if Dumbo would
sell himself out...and guess what Dumbo did...
and because of this you'll always be taken as some kinda LOONY artist..
you coulda waited tried harder
worked on your technique
and tried to present yourself
where the real money in art
could be attained...)


(everything you do is what a whore does.
     that's all you were ever expected to be...
         write about it....well of course dumbo does
              why MAKE up A story when you can just
                 recount what is Imparted right...huh
                    cuz that would take a wee bit of effort wouldn't....and you are coming back to California
                       you know...
                          and you lose weight ....
                              and you will suck dick
                                 don't kid yourself you're staying put much longer)

i'm writing it .in case I disappear out there
that's all

(good .go ahead...they'll just think some waste case who hears voices and sees things decided to himself in
or better yet some wanna be sci fi writer.realized
he was no writer...
and jumped to  his death)

who cares,I graph back

(that's what they should write on your tombstone ...for it sums you up...)

you guys made me.i didn't

you get what gave friend

(and YOU will get what you deserve)

they mainly want me to watch they can see how 'a drone' responds to ASSOCIATIONS one
makes in spite of themselves
watching and hearing what another has produced
for that reason
just like a writer has to
for this reason I don't turn it on

(you had better turn it on Dumbo...)

nope.I think I'll just stare at the ceiling  and think about multiplication tables
and goldfish swimming back and forth back and forth
or designs I force myself to remember of potholders and shower curtains
anything to give them NOTHING worth gleaning

( I think your right Dumbo maybe is too much of Loser to do this...I think maybe we should "app" someone who does Dumbo love enough..or care about enough
to take over his
he graphs  me images of people I care about....and I turn on the TV

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