Wednesday, November 5, 2014

always back to dumbo

"it's a test


and we're always some how BACK

aren't we to Dumbo?

A Test..

an honor really

If one chooses to think of THIS as some form of torture

I do believe that THIS notion

of THIS being some kind of ordeal

instead of an ADVENTURE

displays a true lack of integrity

not to mention


and Duality

is what Virtual Reality is all about

this ,like you is about research and development


we can't really have you "hating" on a product that has not even been

properly Standardized ...

YOU not US keep failing the very same TESTS

that yes

might indeed get one Muzzled by this technology NOT as punishment

but because

their decision making skills are

lacking ...

Your posts display a rather pointed

dissent -not to just being made Participant

in this AMAZING endeavor

BUT TOWARDS it seems all aspects of social conformity

including writing or dare I say stealing OUR material as your own

"dude" I graph to the Tele-Presence "figurative"

of The Great Gazoo

"I do not share THESE "stories" you lob at my temporal lobes some how...I am trying to ..."

"yes ,yes "Calling All Cars-Calling All cars" Gazoo graphs...finishing my thought.."looking at his nails"I always Anna Freud to HIS Harvey Corman...

First is explained to me in ways I rather understand one not made a Guinea Pig and "dosed" with

something or other that

altered me in such a way that

I was raised you some COMPOUND by REARERS who placed sheetrock over

KIDS (The Children ya' see..of Gary Rainy) cribs in this

pre-ordained (by whom I don't know ..nor want to)

fashion of Child Rearing

for some prospect of eventual technological advancement that

supposed Reverse Brain Engineering..

oooooh yeah

it sounds nuts

but not let me tell ya" as nuts as How they Laid this jive upon me...

... the presentation of the "Born this Way"rendition

it is explained ...or imbued upon me

that My Rearers ya' see//weren't allowed to touch us...we,the kids of Gary Rainy

except if they wore gloves

so we kids ..would receive THE FULL BENEFITS of Early Childhood


Ritualized Abuse

so we might

be encouraged ya 'see --to REACH BEYOND what THEY call CONCRETE CONSCIOUSNESS

"seems to me Dumbo..that THAT version of events is a fuck of a lot more WHOLESOME in IMBUE than YOUR OWN absurd recollections of IMPRINT....get it Shmucko?

Course Not!

Graph me ...think to me..

right off the top of it

what you believe an average reader might think of some of the wacko you write


they might visualize some old queen


and rather Vividly _I must give you that

Tommy Walker

"he" or "it" or whatever one calls Tele -Presence R and D



like Discover

if I am thrust to some altered state ya' see

by the name Tommy Walker

WHO in the fuck wouldn't be somehow SWAYED to such referencing

"I dare say," EVAN,as the Great Gazoo Imparts,"I dare say even Miss Frankenstein

wouldn't write about his creator

in such a blithe manner"

I can assure you dear reader.

that the Tommy Walker ASSEMBLAGE

was not Imbued upon me in any fashion that can be described as blithe..

EVAN Imbues as Jiminy Cricket

"Tru Christie is indeed a great Muralist...we are lucky to have him on board..

You and He

seem to work together quite nicely

You the bottom to his Top.."

"I am way way too old to be anyone's Tele Present or otherwise "love interest"

"no...<"EVAN GRAPHS ,now in the form and format of Cheshire Cat

"In autistic years...for the sake of possible future litigation ..your a few moths past 18 years old in EMOTIVE CAPACITY we saw to that...quite early on...INGRATE

learn a few new words

and our little Damien is

third reel Charly Gordon,"Flower for Algernon"

he pauses

waiting for an automatic response

to either Damian

or Charly

but my mind seems stuck on

what Evan has graphed about possible future litigation

Now as Fats,the dummy

in the rather awful film version of Willam Goldman's "Magic" Evan


"Ha Shmucko...that future litigation ..if it ever happens might just be

US against Dumbo

...wouldn't that be nice'd be the first to have televised his every waking sleeping recorded thought

....might be a wee bit humiliating....

"YA THINK asshole?"I graph?-would be worth it

"or soooooo SHE says Now," EVAN graphs ,again as The Great Gazoo

I graph ,"that I don't really appreciate this referring to me as SHE stuff.."

"GOOD Damien..Than BE A fucking MAN

Man Up.."His Voice no longer .

cartoon.but realer than real

we have to get rid of all that Dumbo inside ya" somehow..





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