Saturday, November 1, 2014

Merge(I'm looking through you.Where .did you go?)

this has not happened to you?
before has
                             has it?
you .are not the type this happens to?
no.not you
whatwhatyouheardsomethingdidya/a voice not your own..this Baby,is how it begins
they all go crazy at first.
so will you...

I am on headset
.i am not some spirit
.some myth.
but do not get me wrong honey
you are indeed possessed
and once you've been taken
we don't let go

. I you see am "on headset" as we say.In the field.
 and you?YOU
ARE the field

it would be no fun.if you could take off.a headset.
not for us

...those "dots" that make this possible...probably entered your bloodstream ..some days ago
?.when you passed that pedestrian wearing that pungent perfume
we call that fragrance Pugent Sound
nano the old
"saying ' went...but that's not your demographic

is it.?

we have so much to figure out .in the regard.
and in so many other regards....

It is my job to monitor your thoughts and perceptions 24/hours a day 7 days a week
we have teams...
you will "meet" the others once we have established some kind of
working relationship

or you might be one of the jumpers?
oh dear .I hope not
I've already spent  2 shifts reading your thoughts..
can't quite..."get the groove down'

BUT we will
WE ARE THE NUMBER 3 TOP mind augment agency" in the biz"

but you are not hearing me.
but you are perplexed

we are Connecting now a little

interfacing ...

Mind to Mind

 we are taught G-d...sees through our eyes
.hears what we hear.
senses what we sense
and is all forgiving

when scientists.."Game Changers" and "the singularity"
is about the same thing.
but without forgiveness
with something else on OUR  minds as WE scan yours

all together.
so no are not HEARING me
..the way you might hear a car honking or a whisper.
nor will you be seeing ,tasting...things as you had before someone.
saw fit that you might be
a good subject

I can sense it,,

I can read you

I feel you right now

I feel the temperature in your room

and the amount of moist.that is in your mouth

I feel what your fingers are touching.

I just was thrown off.

by your blink

almost threw off the continuity

sit still will you.

and don't you dare think about anything else but our
Group Think.
don't disappear into considerations
our Mind to Mind.

I am looking through you
I am hearing through you
but I care not about your trivial concerns

Think to me

don't think about that phone call you should have made
or try to throw me off
with responses to white noise.
or worse

we are one.
we are Merged.

Picture me something
that means something to me .
not you
something we can both
"run on"
someplace we both

take your shoes off.
but don't .please
'            how dare you scratch yourself
                 or feel that itch.
      during this sicken me

go on
but be aware

I am aware.
of all of your bodily functions...
after all this time you have done nothing
to modify

my only assumption
is you
WISH to think to me about Blood.sweat and tears..

yet you
you are so concerned when you are doing your daily
Keep Up
with the door being shut in the bathroom

yet with me.
you keep your door wide open

What am I expected to think of someone who
has done so little
on Merge?


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