Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pino/ Peter /Park Her/ Pump(Memphis,Ohio) 1964(2014)

(2) i't s about getting the DUM
outta' DUMBO
is all
so you can be my Bo'
is all
and if  Gotta bring back "
 in vitro..
to wake you up
I will

baby of mine..

the voice is not Evan's
but Tru Christie's
and the inner voice ...of

"The Inner voice OF OUR Co Conscious venture,"Tru imparts,"the endless braying,whining, Inner Voice of our Dumbo.
 Pino Parker in the piece..,"he mockingly graphs

He Visages me an image of him
in a suit

the visage is of a timeless handsome-ness

HE slurping down a what appears to be a piping hot foam cup of coffee
in one gulp...
daring me
invite the sensation ....in my throat.

"it's a new term...Petey Pie
new instructors....new format

he graphs me a CLOSE UP of another foam cup of coffee so hot that I Inner Vision the cup melting
graphs ...
to me how very much he'd like me to feel
what it might FEEL like
if he
did his "DRINK ME" bit
like I do my SMOKE ME
bit...all over his and their Project..

"so no more crack
                                  Park Her   onceupon a time
                                                  Once.There was a youngish ,brilliantish brilliantined
                                                  scientist named G.H. Peto.
                                                   This youngish,adventurish ,handsome-ish maverick
                                                   scientific genius worked at a place we shall call
                                                   Mind over Matter Amalgamated..Located in an industrial
                                                   park type of set up in the outer limits of Memphis ,Ohio.
                                                   it was the early 1960's and "Futurism" was in the air..Yes
                                                   Pino Peter...everywhere one looked...every movie and song one
                                                   heard and saw..featured rockets,satelites and cosmonauts
                                                   but oddly enough G.H.Peto found little of "this vibe" ya' see
                                                   at Mind over Matter Amalgamated and thusly G.H.Peto decided
                                                   quite boldly to go his own way and set up his own lab
                                 like his wife,
                                                the Town Pump by the by
                          G.H. also enjoyed
                                                "Doin' His Own Thang."

Ooooooooooo how Mrs. Peto hated G,H. working on his IBMish  A.I. logarithms in their semi finished basement-
                 as with "in da' houuuuuse" Mrs .Peto couldn't "Get Around" as Roundatiously
                 as she could
                    previously.(In very many ways Mrs .Peto was like you in this regard
                    nothing ,not even a vow,
                    a contract
                    and the unspoken
                    agreements upon such vows,such contracts are built
                    could stop the lousy dame
                    from doing WHATEVER SHE WANTED .WHENEVER SHE WANTED
                  with anyone she wanted ..,
to have
                                                              a gooooooood time------------------------------------------

However Peter
            the not so new Newlyweds
                    did their best
                              to "at the very least"
                                        KEEP UP APPEARANCES
     That is until Mrs .Peto's appearance  
                                 began to change quite vividly. For even with G.H quite literally
                                 underfoot in the semi finished basement working on
   what we shall simply refer to as

                "The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence".....Mrs.Peto still managed to
                 satisfy her seemingly insatiable NEED for "a good time"

A grand enough "good time" Petey my boi...that G.H. noticed his wife getting rounder and rounder with each passing month.
G.H. knew th his ya' see..because Mrs. Peto
real real touchy ya' see
in the "don't touch me department " with Mr. Peto
        since ole' G.H. wasn't bringin' home"the dough" so consistently no more.

Ya 'see Peter..
G.H.Peto was doin' some  rather radical research that required G.H. Peto to seek
financing concerning his Big Ideas concerning Synthesized still Theoretical mind you,- Psychological Constructs concerning Human Engineering
and because
of this G.H.found himself
dealing with certain agencies
cetain Change Agents
a wee bit removed from the private sector.....Oooooooooooooooh
                                      how G.H. began to hate Mrs' Peto and
                                      just as much ,if not more! The KID,who
                                      twasn't HIS inside her...G.H. came up
                                      with what he called in his Inner Visions
that would give his  private research
         a boast in the arm finically speakin"
get back at Mrs' Peto-for bein'
                                                Such a Playa'

He graphs me on image of the Coffee Cup
somehow seemingly hotter than it was
the foam melting more visibly

LOONY!..............Tru Christie Imparts..

                                      pausing ..waiting for me to "catch up"...to
                                      understand something un said,ungraphed..
                                      un -imbued. upon me...

wake up Dumbo ,he graphs...his hand on the coffee cup

which I feel..
in my hand
................and next down
                        my throat....
                                      "That's ! what crack does to your insides....you Punk
                                        Piece of Junk........."

I pass out.
but not for long..
        I smell ammonia
            and see what appears to be a cheap looking
                children's book scaled to mural size....
                     the book is open ...some illustrator's version of "the woods"
                         based on some other illustrator's version of another illustrator's
                             version of Fairy Tale....

     "Oooooooooo no Pinnochio!
      tell me.GRAPH ME you didn't just think that...for your OWN sake....that rendering took us days to create...

                DONKEY BOI!...........................
                                                     I said Peter
                                                     GRAPH ME ya' didn't just think that

                                                     I believe THE RIGHT response
                                                     would be-"Sir,YES Sir"
the book disappears and is replaced
a very small looking foam cup
                                                    "Sir,yes sir" I graph

No ,Tru Christie graphs..
ya gotta MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmean it.....

I gottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttta Feeeeeeeeel It

 I gulp...
       and it seems "that's Good enough"
                                                                "For now,"Tru graphs...

Imparting that I'd better lie down for the next part of"the story-as we don't want
                Our Drone -tagonist to pass out again....doooooooooooo we?"


 well...G.H. Peto comes up with this rather tantalizing
                rather intricate plan ya' see....(ooooooh you will)
                      This 40 Year Plan of Mr.Peto's that will satisfy both his
                          research needs and him deal with his sense of being the
                                   cuckold in his kunt of wife's storyline ya 'see...

in a nutshell
           which you IS...kiddo...
                    a nut.in a shell...
                          and that shell.....as you know...
                                                         is not quite thine own
nor thy eyes
thy ears
and what little is left betwixt thy ears..(nor was EVER meant to be)

                 quite like the child in Mrs. Peto's "tummy"    Por Que?  
                     which is Why Mr Peto decided to sell the little bugger
                        the genuine Son of a Bitch     to 
                                   certain    branches   of the scientific community
                                             quite   in   need of  such an item.....

now Pinnochio
now Peter.
Now Mark-ed
                       don't get me wrong that baby boi was placed in any wicker basket
                       and crated away to Bimbombay or anything so exotic as this...

no,no Pinocchio!....as G.H. Peto already
           referred to  the shell in
                          his beloved's womb....Pino Pumpkin Pete would be raised
                                as The family Peto's own....G.H. ya'see went
                                  along with missus confabulation that THE KID twas his

conceived ya ' see.
            on some dark and stormy nite
                      "were ya' realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly
                                that drunk....dear
                                         ta' rememeba"



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