Sunday, November 9, 2014

 the "motion mix' ya industry" has contracts that more than make up for any  flat summer box office me these studio have switched priorities to a whole new format..suited I must say for the  the manic sociopaths that tend to
 MOVE up in the biz...
who are annoyed they  gotta work with some wacko "little' SO CALLED RELIGION
 JUST SO HAPPENS TO have won many of the same bids as them with Virtual Reality and Mind to Mind Interface... Sorry,but the Powers that be .also need to learn how to  TAKE OUT the Shit you Hollywood Scumbags  ...shove into the genral public's  eyes and ears..( and spare me how gracious Hollywood studios are to any cause but their own. and How Neuronautics are essentially Nazi's in blue shirts and black ties  when everybody knows ..every Jewish Mogul in town ...sat on their hands and scriptwriters deliberately leave  Hitler alone me "the wacko church hates ya' right back)
 ...'mind reading" ' 'see meters'
 .. wacko stuff  huh?

say it to our face---say it to mine -wacko stuff  huh?
 tell me...does a director or film editor not anticipate every last feeling an audience might feel literally 24 frames per second...

so tell me....who exactly is guilty of a mind Fuck?Neuronautics or *****studios?

                                                                                                             - Adam Parker


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