Sunday, November 16, 2014

"App-ed "Like Me

"we know by the body else but you writes in your BOG.."Tru graphs.

..I hope  he's feeling through our Merge
that he's feeling me freeze...but I have an idea that certain aspects of my perception are switched off if they don't provide kicks...
or what they call Vicariousities
some Vicariousities
me and Charlee McGee were suppose to transmit  last night.

this is one aspect of the Merge I don't mind
and I never went Vicarious in this matter with a dude I know for sure was 'app-ed" like me
Pissed that it's me not "my team" that's gonna have that motel room on their
I kick a fireplug...
hoping Tru feels my pain.

I graph

"how could anyone KNOW who is typing what...surely you do not peep in on whose logging in or using the internet...why that would almost be criminal..i have never heard of such actions..!"

"don't get uppity with me mister...or Ill get down and" downitty "on you so fast it; it'll make your head spin..."He Booms

"DO WHAT YOU WANT TO ME"I graph "oooh puppetmaster prickdick"

"no ,,,,I think we'll just do it to Charles..."he graphs back

"what do you want to know.?".I graph...knowing I just also graphed everything he wanted to know in the less than a split second I decided Charlie meant more than who mentioned, told me to write about the Gracchus..."

"your a good spite of yourself ,Tru graphs...
I walk along feeling I betrayed some..
but I just couldn't hide it..
or let them do stuff to Charles

a cab comes by and stops,"hey ,hey you get must be freezing"

I tell the driver I got no money."
The cab driver says someone already paid

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