Sunday, November 2, 2014


THE BLOB -Scene 6

It is impossible to write about Human Experimentation without also discussing MKUltra, for many reasons ...
First of all MKULtra is/was one of the very few divulged Programs of systematic implementation of Psychological Manipulation done on innocent victims that is relatively known about by the general public.
MKUltra and the practice of deliberately ,calculated drugging citizens with LSD-25 ,BZ and any number of mind bending substances to seek "data" on how another might be controlled ,interrogated or in some way altered by one practiced in the methodology of such 'acts' should be as UNFATHOMABLE to a US Citizen as the "possibility" that more sophisticated and "reliable" means of mind manipulation are not only possible but ALSO being conducted on members of society who either are thought to-
"deserve "such action be taken against/upon them
were citizens  "in the wrong place at the wrong time"
Often people who have been "profiled" as EASY PREY..or "good finds'- "easy"or "complicated' Targets"....
There are many reasons it is UNFATHOMABLE to believe THAT HIGH RANKING PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY can STILL do WHAT they want TO WHOM THEY WANT

but IT SHOULD NOT BE UNFATHOMABLE  to believe that there is  not technology that enables
much of the same "ends' to be achieved by Pharmalogical agents literally created  to produce hallucinations.-visual , aural, tactile..)with components now small enough to enter another's bloodstream and thus brain to induce many of the same "flights from reality"or  to 'guide reality "or personality  that billions of dollars were spent to "explore".Is it because the means of conducting this imbue is done by "waves" remote? By what we have been taught to call - chips?

if the word was different ..if
instead of a victim stating 'someone put a bio sensor in me"
they said
someone deliberately infected me NOT with chips...but with a strain of the flu...or tetanus?

to a Targeted Individual

there seems a problem that has been placed upon them in many ways more urgent than  the fact that Psycho- 'correction' or "detainment"or "Psychotronic Entrapment ---
-never mind the scores of TIs who have killed themselves -
their families ,wives, husbands, friends
to this day STILL believing
the LIE that their loved one was INSANE or UNBALENCED

  will there be restitution for these people little driven to suicide by these funny chips

(may I remind you that "chips..or biosensors are now smaller than a white blood cell?)

when the truth
like the truth of MK Ultra
finally comes out?

No.Because they're gone..

we who are left...usually give up..writing and certainly talking about it..
we give up and rightly so writing to any congressman about it..
as we realize the muzzle that's been placed on ANYONE and EVERYONE involved with
The Singularity
or today are we calling it Advanced,,(,or covert) Technologies...
don't say a word

Don't scream....we are doing IT to YOU! so we can make THEM scream!'s for the greater good.
ya see's the words..(chips,bio sensors..)
that get in the way of explaining the  strangely growing number of people making claims that Yes,.they have been "laced " with something that-
Yes.were purposely created to alter their perceptions and brain function. That "Is Still Funny? Still the FEAST of late night comics to gorge on rather than consider that someone "laced; THEIR kid ,or wife or loved one with some thing that was deliberately created to simulate a derangement of reality?..Hallucinogenic...were found to be quite unreliable in their use to render another crazy...or open to suggestion ...Chips..or Biosensors that can be specifically relegated to attach themselves to very specific sections of the brain and nervous system in a more standardized fashion than hallucinogenics -Cole Cohen 9.22.13

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