Friday, November 14, 2014

The "Y" in Cybernetic Immersive Reality Reformation


Neuronautics and Merge Nano/ Bio-A Virtual    Reality Paradigm for Overcoming Ingrains

 Virtual reality has been successfully used to study and treat psychological disorders such as phobias and posttraumatic stress disorder but has rarely been applied to clinically-relevant emotions other than fear and anxiety. Self-criticism is a ubiquitous feature of psychopathology and can be treated by increasing levels of self-compassion by focusing a client'sre-experience past preceptory challenges (tactile,aural ,visual) with purposely abusive imbue based upon past traumas and abuses (sexual,physical,verbal) to predicate the client's own resurgence systems to kick in (much like an inoculation of immunixation based viruses for the flu or chicken pox,tetnus)  By purposely overloading one mind with triggers which are consistent with one's own internal guidance system  that has now been transcript-ed with the help of our service and Tele-Metric Mentors one can begin to Re-Emerge Neurally with a new format of Self Speak. Our non traditional approach to CLEARANCE of pervasive THOUGHT STYLE is based on science and not the typical false sentiments of non progressive Psychiatry....but the biological and cognitive mapping of "how " and not "why" one's mind often becomes  "stuck on only one channel". Much in the same way immunization when  one biological system  is exposed to molecules that are foreign to the body, the body it will react with  an immune response, and  develop the ability to quickly respond to a subsequent encounters with such intrusion because the body has been taught to fortify against these Ingrains. When Merge Nano Carbons are introduced into one's body to bond with precise neurons thate nable a "closed mind" to become once again "open" to new information...the mind can be trained to fortify itself against unwanted or intrusive Thought Styles by learning how to combat and therefore immune itself to Self Criticism Neuroinatics and only Neuronautic Mentors have been carefully and selectively trained to  introduce Full IMMERSIVE REALITY overlap and over-ride upon a client who has "what it takes" to "take advantage of all Neuronautics provides...While Immersive Reality and A.I  Interventions are indeed new ...Immersive Therapy regarding slowly and scientifically introducing one to their "own mirror" and thus their own fears and the thought styles they have negated to attempt to escape from .In doing so one's mind becomes riddled with  Ingrained Triggers that no "chemical cocktail" nor Mental health clinician can dis-associate.Psychic Driving techniques adapted toward 5 sense Brain Computer Interfacing systems  correspond to one's Inner Vision of oneself  and the "way" one perceives of one's the world .With the capacity of Merge Nano to read and redirect one's  Interior Monologue via these components  and with the added benefit of w no one needing to know one has made the decision to strategized and enhance oneself  .With introduction of Merge into one's very nervous system the stigma of being seen wearing "Brain Entrainment "hardware is also a perk of our service.Neuronautics  exploits the known capacities a human brain plasticity and so must you to become the "YOU" you were always meant to be.

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