Saturday, November 1, 2014

don't let that little pause. Fool you.....nobody goes to all this trouble
Walk In
to Walk Out
so quick

I am still with you.
you are Mine.

I am going through your files.
handwritten by the way
these particular studies are very "discrete'
we don't use computers for filing. Or notes..
and don't you either.
for your own sake.
                                                                                                              o pioneer.

it seems you causally dismissed  some potential "love interest" a whiles back

I suspect he is someone On Our Team
Your Team
this spurned "love interest"
it seems
still wants
A Piece of You

not your fault you didn't know
he was one of our scouts

probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I know at this point
my thoughts
mingle with the Proxy's own
I know the Proxy "hears me"...but cannot begin to venture to guess

that it's mind
the Proxy
has had it's dendrites and neurons spiked for assemblage
into 'the system"

Consolidated a term I like to use.

specimen were literally raised for  Cerebral Correlation

in that Referential Style.


some starlets

and a few Senators according to "Word on High"
 Associations ..Imprints..
(our bid on that contract ...for the Husks literally raised to be PURPOSED in some manner- for the 4th year in row...kaput.

Probably for the best..
so much Street Theater involved in those cases...very queen of hearts ..the smell of honeysuckle makes me think of..
...I think too much at my Proxy
I can tell I am causing a rare type of anxiety
is based on
"I am going mad.."

usually the Proxy reach for phone at this point ...
dial some numbers
hang up...

as 'what does one say

"I believe I am going mad..? I feel my thoughts ARE NOT MY OWN...?.."

I Buffer the interface with a complicated program that simply records
the Proxy's Brain Signals and Deciphers the signals into language I can simply read off of my computer screen
rather than have to go too invasive
Mind to Mind
too quickly
the thought of
'another one" on 3 day Watch in some suburban psych ward...
Psych meds
and tarnished Neuralities..

dampered dynamics concerning brain function and all that...

still...I keep my headset on
but I keep most of my own "wattage" of abridgement to a minimum concerning the interface
and focus more on
minor adjustments to attenuate the Proxy's perceptions to Recognizance
Even after 6 years here there really is nothing quite like seeing the 'world" out of another's eyes..
although you'd be surprised just how much of one's "dailies" consist primarily of the most tawdry Point of View
hand turning door knobs
Hand fishing for a soup spoon
etc father as well was quite the pontiff..
odd isn't it
how our thoughts
are so very much like our vocalization
and so very much unlike
what we dare say....
with this type of communication
it's truly
"all in your head'
and thus mine...)

I notice you are Quandaried..these thoughts are not my own
must be something I read in Vanity Fair...

forgive me..
I have little but a Clark bar and a Decaf
to distract me...
and that ceiling you are looking at.

nice fan.
Pottery Barn?no..?
Hunter.. I thought so...I won't delve into who you bought it with...Opps..too late..Laura?..Let's not think about Laura..oops..
I'm sure you didn't tell Laura that last thought..
it's between us..nice rack that,I wonder how you usually picture Laura in your Mind's Eye...or does a Hunter Ceiling Fan make you picture Laura this way
are the
type of things
we must
get to the bottom of..)

at least you weren't one of our "bad seeds'
one of "political pontificators"
we usually drive those husks
off the deep end in a week or two..
like I said we are number 3 in our field.
and we just keep getting better..

oh yes..
have a drink...
but don't go thinking
it'll be alright the morning

I am looking still at your file.
maybe you're just
a collectable..
a curiosity...perhaps your thought style will be considered redundant.
a "we already have ONE of THOSE"
who knows.
we might just "take a look see every now and than"
a see by the photos we have of you
you are quite a looker...

too bad.
redundant brain signals or not SOMEONE always want to be inside a LOOKER
but you knew that already

drink up

we have a lot to graph about ...
this is what we call the Honeymoon Phase
the breaking in phase
the getting to Know You phase..

mainly it's about discovering your pre neural spikes.
your p300s
and technicalities that will only perplex you..

we must discover most of all your Thresholds concerning
type of Tele-Presence might be best synched toward your "faith or myth based" Categoricals.

get some sleep

and what  your Team surmises what your dreams are "made of' will speed
much of the preliminaries along

and in no time
you will be thinking
The New Way


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