Sunday, November 9, 2014

never even been to canada

3 years later-Evan Imparts that," artists and especially writers are very selfish people..
they seem to only care about their own
. little incidentals

"really asshole?." I graph back....
they care about what is RIGHT and WRONG you fuckin' maniac...little did I know how serious this .."game would be..." I picture jonny mnemetic meets cool world...or something NOT being
some sociology test
in brain signal transcription and ...seeing anything they want me to see...
in response to my....evoked potentials

like getting a gold star when your good
...but it floats in the middle of room
and you'd be blown away if I told what they makie ya' see when you're like
KNOCK IT OFF fuck head..I only signed the waiver to not serve some lousy meth charge in LA County. it was the nano or 26 months ...
I didn't realize of course most of it would be threshold testing

nor stupidly that brain Computer...and Mind to Mind Interface could get so personal..NOR
how many
industries and 'groups " and agencies wanted a 'whack " at this
cool world it ain't cuz they read you...and THEY KNOW you

and not in some normal way

theres' more to this Gary rainy 'story" than you'd believe

cybernetics it's called which is based on systems
and some
holds the main Reigns on
teaching a guy dosed with this GARBAGE
"how to be"
like Mind Rehab
but all kinda science -ideology based in nature..

when I told the courts..uh...I 'd rather just do the jail time
they tell me

uh uh once you get the nano tubes they havge to monitor for the rest of your life cuz this is serious stuff...and we have to make sure you don't like move to another country...I'm like ...miss...I've never even been to fucking Canada

they don't let you go...
they say your a bad citizen
for not being game
or moreso a game piece...
throw me In a hole.
they are burying me alive

here's an example

no Dumbo ,evan graphs ,YOU are burying yourself alive

I you see .
am supposed to not talk about being rendered
a human drone..I'm supposed to get a kick out of it
find it trippy ,far out
like I'm some 5 year old who wants to wear some spiderman outfit to school
but for the rest of their life..well into their 40's
they treat me like some houseboy
some piece of trash

and they judge my morals?
my ethics
and how I "graph" I THINK to my mentors
who as far as I am concerned may as well be schizophrenia
cuz half the time these geniuses are trying to
cover their asses and make you
at least write
about the 5 symptoms that present
feels someone wants to keep them....check
feels another is controlling them ----check
feels that one is being persecuted-check
(and the real reason for "The Truman Show" meets "seconds"

you're a bunch of hacks.I graph,so you chipped a guy...
so has every other country in the world -

IT DOESN'T WORK-cybernetics or Brain Computer Interface
OR Immersive Reality
is the problem

that trillions of dollars has been thrown into fire
for the Edsel

so all of us Targetd Individuals ARE the Edsels
not the Tucker Fuckers who designed the damn
I know you're pulling my strings,I graph,
but whose pulling yours


some belief this is for the greater good
it's for the greater bad loser
I'm supposed to "get good" at being a human puppet
I can think of nothing else to learn how to get worse at!
and don't think ANYONE is going to
"go drone " for ya ' to protect
when you took every ounce of their freedom away
don't forget THEY'LL Have guns
and know who'll they aim them guns at
to make the voice in their heads and the "stars in their eyes

fuckin Mandlers!
and you think war isn't all about some fuckin' CEO getting rich off of those kids dying "over there" oh Master.


Be a Man.Evan"

oh I can't ..but
THEY will Dumbo
and in a very painful .long drawn out way
but I have goooood news for ya"....
they might put that on hold
as we have lots or new things for you to give the old college drop out try your soooo good at
as this let's blow this LOOOOOser away will be
no quick shot in the head .trust me on that one
as this interface is all about collecting pain readings

and we especially want
a sort of MULE SKINNER

"graph back ' from you with that neural read

you mutinous dirtbag

'whatever you do do
I'm not following your script ...
I don't like your

I don't like A,I, ,Tele Metrics ,BCI or Virtual Reality=I graph
know why
cause the same
psychopaths that RUN everything else in this world run that as well

who tell me who
develops A.I. to hurt people
know who
PEOPLE who LIKE hurting people

"we don't consider people like you people" ,Evan graphs,"who were conceived only for this
and therefore never were issued the same rights as other people
you were always just a project but you were given every chance to demonstrate you were ..."

"what dumbass," I graph," a real live boy?"

" YOU turned out to be a bad pancake
every body expects the first batch of pancakes to turn out badly
don't they
so you throw the first coupla pancakes in the trash can...

I HATE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH DUMBO!"Evan Graphs ..sot of out of nowhere,
we all do .. a lot of money was put into this..."

"Really...I remember getting about three dollars and happy meal from some "nice guy" you probably through in a hole for actually giving me it"I graph

"like I was supposed to learn how to LIVE like this...

and fffffffffffffffffffffffuck every corporation involved
I can't wait till someone
exposes your fuckin"monsters

huh fuckhead....huh....all I have to do is press one little button...know why sunshine?
that rash
on your hand
no not a rash.. a little virus the virus ..ain't no big thing but what was carried in the virus sorta is..if WE decide it should be so..
ahhhh c'mon dummy
I know you know what little rash we're talkin about on your palm now..not just your fingers
you picked it up from the buttons on the mac machine near the Arby;s
it be called jEWBOIHERE ...LET ME SHOW YA WHERE IT'S AT •February 18, 2014

Researchers turn pain perception on and off in mice using light

by Bob Yi—A team of researchers at Stanford University has found a way to turn the perception of pain on and off using only a light source. In their paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the team describes how they genetically altered nerve receptors beneath the skin in mice, and how doing so allowed for controlling the perception of pain...the researchers were able to turn pain perception on and off at will.

-and there's more, JEW!

Neuroscientists awaken ghosts… hidden in our cortex

They showed that the “feeling of a presence” actually results from an alteration of “sensorimotor” brain ...

and best off all---------Scientists Discover Anti-Aging Compound That Restores Youth in

so maybe

we can keep the FUNFUNFUN going ffffforever!!!!!

people pay to fuck with mista Fuck With IT

Adam Parker says your his favorite


problem is your life stories
were all about imprints..AND YOU WERE TOLD THAT IN CONFIDENCE!
and no body is really supposed to know about
what measure they took too TRY something that COULDA' been supposedly A BLAST
they didn't do it to HURT you...not really
but cuz' they needed
to have a checklist of associations they could go back to
when the chips were shoved up your arm
and THEY said
"ok ...let him write as fiction...let him write it as allegory..let him write AS "I AM CRAZY and I am MAKING it all up...right..wasn't that THE DEAL?..
decides NO
I'm gonna research
everything I can and try to present IT as
semi fiction
and they said...afer all he's been through OK
"Let's see what this cocksucker can do...give the RUINER some room,he has SOME idea what lines not to cross..."

and he did ..
Dumbo snorts some white lines
have the guts? no Not Guts.. a Death Wish ,,,but Death may not come so easily
as you're now the go to guy for every new thing that comes along
I think THEY even skip mice
and say ,OH NO..why possibly hurt the Mice? when WE CAN HURT DUMBO instead!"

your "I'm a citizen with rights .I can do what I please..shit again? yeah
tell yourself that shmucko
why you think they handed you back to us and Tru Christie?
cause you had as much respect! for Neuronautics! as ya' had for all your other Teams
and we want as much Payback as they do
and somehow! you even managed to get
"you know who" into the Hate Dumbo club
bbbbbbbbbbbbbboy if you only knew what we have in store for you
if I were you I'd jump
...because soon you might be
just taken away somewhere tied to a fuckin 'bed with four point restraints
and kept awake and alive perhaps
never mind what we can probably do with the consciousness of yours we already collected
I see us putting the whole of your entirety into some duck tailed platypus
or some cockroach somehow

so YOU wake up Pal...and start making some amends
I want you on your knees
and I want you to bow down to me

I won't do it..not even when the pain begins

I pass out and wake up
minutes later
and Evan says I'd better..wake up and
not be too broken cuz he has a job for me to do tonight-

People Born to be chipped don't have the same rights as other people
I'm afraid to say in many ways we think of you
the same way one thinks about chickens raised to be eaten who never had their feet touch the ground

" we like you just don't think about the way the chickens suffered and ...oh can you please remove the skin .."

it's the way of the world
you were born to be a Human Experiment

so were many

you probably did some very very very bad things in another life that
"The Gods'
believed you deserved it
and BOY can I see why!
for instance when you write some of the things you do
and were told not to
when you are
wasting away in Crackheada-ritaville...
you fuck up whatever
WE worked on for months
by writing about your drab old Self Referentials
which have as much
mass appeal as your face does when you pop every pill
you can find to
help you
Come Down
from your pursuit of crackiness
we're letting you get away with murder here.cause we understand the interfacing
might get in the way
of more focused work...or rather cuz ...Dumbo
was supposed to be some artist ...if Dumbo coulda learned how to not paint in his deviant way
but he refused...
so it was what Dumbo does best
...don't think you fool anyone thinking your some jimmy olsen
save the world type you selfish prick by writing about the ethics of transhumansim fuckhead.

we've blown hours and hours ...YEARS upon you...

and what have we gotten from you?

you owe us

I want you to go on a few dates for us
some older men
old enough to still find YOU young...
or at least someone to
push around a bit
you used to go for that ...
you were in fact ONLY made for THAT...

your pop wanted you
eating out of garbage cans ...freezing in cold
having to
go down on any John that would have you

than he wanted you institutionalized
drivin crazy by us
mindless and stooped over in front of a donut shop
spittle hanging from your mouth from the Haldol
askin for "a dollah" please
'a dollah please"

but than we said
let's be nice to him
let's trying to undo The 40 year plan
he came up with
to get back at Peggy..

but gotta
accept it
and move on
what's done is done

think of it as a sociological test.

show G.H Peto he hasn't destroyed you
like we destroyed him

shower and shave
some investors flew in and have some things they want to stick in your mouth
besides a pipe..

put on a clean shirt.
throw some gel in your hair
and take a cab to { }

NOW and you'd better smile and ACT nice

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