Sunday, November 2, 2014

with us.or against us.

  • Real time monitoring of one's intellectual  assets and near real-time assessment of a Proxy's liabilities
  • Biological Components to predict emotional and cognitive decompensation 
  •  enhance
     stratify or help "enunciate" charismatic visage via Enhanced Temporal Functionality 
  • Real-time situational awareness alerts one's Tele Operator when neural pathways must be redirected to let a Proxy best handle new information and new situations socially and with attributes of heightened extroverted adaptation .

  • Using Brain Map and Neural Read Algorithms to help a Proxy contextualized both Real time Reality and Augmented Reality Attributes  to avoid the loss of recently attained  knowledge and simulated or assimilated  experience
  • Precise data driven decision-support for hyper alertness heightened efficiency, and high yield attenuation toward pleasure and sexual presence (via Tele-Presence and Real Time "events" )

  • Efficient Predictability Synaptic Intuition to avoid regressive Indicatives
  • Reliable remote neural  management for varying environmental situations
  • Guaranteed quality of life augmentation for both real-time and virtual reality interaction.

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