Saturday, November 15, 2014


"A servant is accountable only to his Master.." tru Imparts...and the Master of a servant who runs amuck  often is taken as no better than his ward who was not leashed in such a fashion predictive of the nature of thee whose only predestined lot in life was to be SERVANT...Often conviction  and a  rigid  sense of moralism arises in given persons precisely as the result of a lack of sense of being. Rigid moralism is a compensatory mechanism by which the individual persuades himself to take over the external sanctions because he has no fundamental assurance that his own choices have any sanction of their own..."

he is deliberately confusing me...making me feel stupid..I hear him but I have no idea what he's trying to say

as my mind is stuck on ...him thinking me as his servant
Not of course
a Human Experiment

' Not this shit's A HUMAN ..HUMANE EXPERIENCE...," He Imparts,"and what does one usually say to one who has given another a Gift.such as this.."Tru imparts

he expects me to graph ...thank you

"your welcome ,"Tru Imparts..." nnnnnnnow let's get one thing str8 ...if you...start having too many puppy dog like thoughts about Charles ...Charles will go the way of Proxy who gets a Puppy understand...I can take some Mooning  but not much..
. when your with me...we focus on the "Process"
 not the "love interest"
if "love interest" gets "in the way of your signaling" love interest goes way of PROX DUMB ENOUGH TO GET  Puppy...get it?...Dumbo?"

"I get it enough," I graph...

"GET IT MORE THAN ENOUGH....," Tru graphs and to be sure
I "get it more than enough". he graphs me images of Charles with his face taken off
ooooh and by the way Dumbo if Charles thinks too much of you...the face taken off will be yours..

who the fuck comes up with some of these damn over -rides man ?is all I can thinjk

"don't be soooo sure their gonna JUST for imbue sake ...loverboi...hmmm.remember 5 ,6 years ago

some dude in Florida had his face chewed off...better yet.... think of  the movie "Hanniba"l....Gary Oldman's what On earth as
it AIN'T in Heaven
made gary O...go so Winkies in his webbings
not "in the film" ...but what subtext might be implied
by those being reconfigured with
dosed encounter techno
also think of Ray Liotta...know why Hannibal Lechter made old Ray eat his own brains..."

"Uh ," I graph ,as I never really thought about it...but now as the scene has been shoved verbatim into my visual cortex ...I can think of nothing else...

"Subtext.once again..Dumbo...who was the film?...a bad
team player was Ray" why
cuz.he .fucks with the star of the show...
people don't like character actors fucking around with headliner...and if you didn't notice...Your head has been lined.
.WE control the horizontals,WE control the verticals..we don't want OUR MONKEY...thinking he's anything but OUR TOY"

"uhhh yeah...I noticed that some fuckin' time ago," I graph

"My dear brotha' take not e of this-Everyone should BE quick to LISTEN slow to GRAPH and slower still to become angry,,for anger does not bring  about the RIGHTNESS of transmit that a Proxy's Mentors deserve,demand and desire,,,,Ray Liotta ate his owns brains NOT as punishment...but so Ray could get a taste of his own Emminations..."

"All I want is THE SILENCE of THE LAMBS brotha" not the sequal..."

"We can't do "Love Story " without "Saw" and "Hannibal"at the same can you have your pudding if ya' don't eat your can ya' have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?...speaking of pudding....we already made you and Chip a reservation at the {---}'ll be on your credit card bill..and if you ever do that again ..write that kind of shit you  did on FB to scare some one  I will personally bash you head in..."

"Just warning the guy..."I graph

"keep your warnings a BIT more generalized asshole.."He imparts...

and ...remind yourself
what YOU THINK it is...
it's for FUN..."

.."I guess that's the company line huh..." I graph

"yeah Scumbo..and YOU'RE the COMPANY CAR see..our role playing about gaming ...if you ...forget how to pivot between this research project and ...your role outside of this project,...'

'which IS WHAT exactly FRIEND..
 I graph," if you haven't noticed I'm typing this for my own SAKE...and others NOT YOURS"

"oooh we've noticed
                you fuckin' piece of human and that other ingrate better give us some decent readings tonight...or obsolescence is in the cards...if you dare snort more meth than Chuck lays out ...a sliver ...
you're Gone from the me?"

"Yeah,"I graph ..looking for a clean shirt

"Yeah WHAT!"he Imparts

"YEAH SIR," I graph back


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