Monday, November 10, 2014

James Woods Handy Man

 "Wesley,"Evan Imparts,
"2.3.4. months
you owe me.
owe us
if someone doesn't want their hands broken James Woods style ,Evan Imparts
(I try to remember what James Woods movie James Woods had his hands broken in ? Video Drome?)
Evan ignores my Self Rferential thoughts)
the computer is not coming along on your journey out west ..nor are you to buy one
nor will any Xanex or Ativan be placed in your backpack...nor any other pills Dumbo was told not to seek as to FUCK UP our tether"
i think of money

"your BIG MOUTH is good at other things than YAPPING about things ONE was TOLD not to speak about

"Told? ,".I graph,"more like threatened, punched...a gun stuck to my head

OOOh jesus else could we have gotten you into the spirit of the Role Playing aspects of this venture

("while the gun might not have loaded...the fist sure was)
"why? cuz you looked CUTER with a Black Eye..very damsel in distress..
his voices changes
and he Tele -Presents himself visually
a caricature of Doctor in white coat...reading a chart..

" suck cock pretty well...especially if your starving..
and it seems if you don't smoke a cigarette for two hours your stamina increase about 30 %
and it seems your  slight enough (sort of) to fuck a client in  a compact car

from my previous experience "on the road" in the streets in my 20's and early 30's I of course soon realized the size of one's wallet was often in direct proportion to the size
and certainly the make of the "client's" car.

(Evan cares little for my "artfag,"jewie" intellectual Inner Monologue)

and continues on as if I don't exist for anything other but HIS and THEIR use

"YOU DON"T...and you never have   Pino" He graphs switching his occipital Over ride to a man in a business suit ,the chart,the file ...from his previous visage remains-

"you are to buy yourself a cheap but real looking wedding band
and load your phone with 2 or 3 pictures of some variation of Ex-Wife..
never say your a homo for pay is "in"
especially for one so long in the tooth..
we'll graph you the proper nervous system "method"..
and never tell anyone you're a Jew....and an doodling at attracts all the wrong types...that will "want to understand you..not fuck around with you"
since you're allergic to hair dye .."keep up" with the half henna /half indigo hair stuff...we taught you how to do this..
you're good looking enuf...if you don't pop pills or drink..or go Charlie Chocolate Factory with the crack...which we feel enhances your cheekbone structure
you are not to "speak" to these Johns
everything about your Visage will be
"i dontwannatalkaboutit,thatsnot what we're here .for.
Lose 15 pounds by December 2nd
which won't be too difficult as you will begin tapering off Benzodiazpines starting Friday

(and if I don't?..if I don't GO)

OOOH man ,Evan graphs seriously don't want to know

goes without saying tell anyone you write this BOG
of call yourself anything but Wesley

it's James Woods

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