Monday, November 17, 2014

avatarial implicit point of view

I am up before Charles
who doesn't like being called Charlie or worse chuck
he prefers Chip. He's still sleeping I am in a little corner of the hotel room typing as quietly as I can.I remember the days when I lived in these kinda' hotels with 2 or 4 other guys in LA when we used to have to "do what we had to do" bring in dough to wall with mirrior as big as the wall..always

according to our Mentors it was ok to be gay for pay so long as the pay went to our  Neuronautics Course to make us less gay on the Neuronautics Scale of Evolution And as this was a Transition Period it was ok to hooked  pay for their  soliciting sessions  besides according Gary Rainy hustling
wasn't as bad as being a homo who like, lived with a man and loved the man, like a man would love a woman ....Gays who hooked to get money were on a higher Evolutionary Scale than gays that ,like bought dishes together and stiff like that which according to Neuronautics was really more gay than sucking dick or f*ckin another guy to get some money to pay for Neuronautics classes or  food and cigarettes ...we were encouraged not to eat too much gay for pay according to mentors meant
weighing very little...and also not eating much food made our minds less" uppity "concerning what we'd do and not do also.made our minds less resistant to the teachings in our day to day classes

and to focus all your endeavors on the task at hand..
in this case  perfuming sex acts for Vicariousousitty Ventures
preformed .as to be ..perceived
in a
standardized enough format  that
a consumer may put on a headset and be either you or at least your perceptions and sensations)or your partner's (perceptions and sensations)
 you two 'doin' the deed"

as you're aware of the reason your "doing the deed" is for other's to sense so they 'are :feeling what you are feeling
you must first learn to not go Self Referential with your mindscape(it helps to have a guy or girl you're really "Into:...mentally...emanations stle ,inner vision style much more than what they "look lit's about a Neural Read
 there are not cameras or sound recorded needed
you learn not to focus .on either your flaws .. or the other persons
Inner Vision wise you must be careful not to let your mind wander towards like the patterns on the bedspread or some old bit of porn you saw that still lingers in your mind
it's not as easy as you think
as meanwhile your Mandlers are both watching you...from another room ...and also watchijg you ..via the apps that let them see ,feel,tatse,touch hear what you feel taste touch hear
telling you to go down harder or flip him around

all the while needing you to not let your brain signals read these direction as anything that meshes in on "performance" or intent.

or ya gotta start all over again

it's one of the only times they don't inundate your visual cortex with visions..
cause for once they want ,you need you to
be there
and up against it
in real time

the Chrystal makes this easier
and according to our coaches ,our "Mandlers"
this all is strangely easier to do when you're older
than when you had to do it Pre-"app"-ed
just to get by..

cuz they taught you with some thing called
Method Reacting classes
a new way of acting so
another may use your basic post neural intentions of actions and all this science-e  stuff
as the the Tele _operators delete nearly all but the neural spikes leading to evoked action..
in advance the circumference of the hotel room or jail cell set...(as they like that..or locker room set)
has been shot or imbued to one's Muralist (tele Operator)
and also the precise eye line ,,,,gaze ..stuff-- one's make for the brain computer interface ..including blinking...and how close ...a program says most men want to "get" of feel they have gotten to another" are the tele operator basically controls one's nervous system while "in the cut;
the meth helps you forget anything but hunger and desire...and that's why one's partner is prescreened with how they 'get on with you' like chemically when you Merge...

the editors take most of YOU and him or her Out of the final track
and remixes both of you towards an anonymous like...
Avatarial Implicit or whatever they call it of sex..
heightens the push and pull ..
because we're older we ...supposedly know how to think younger.

as well and can see our selves and what we would like (demographically )
form this direct neural interface junk
it helps if we wear uniform's..cops ..firemen...and jail inmates jail guards..
for the woman it's also old school nurses informs...maids...nanny's catholic school unfirms.
one woman in her 60's can think her way through a Neural Co Conscious better than any 22 year old
some variation on "Pizza Boy"Vicarious
she's infact the one who taught both Chip and me to Think Pornographically...with close ups here of our ACT than what's called a two shot..where you gotta see you and your partner from like ..well, a 2 shot

sometimes from an over head shot
all the while making sure you are only focusing on the guy your with not easy if you don't go for the guy

but easy cuz I go for Chip
so Chip is in my mind in my hand my -

---all the while  I go long much as they call me dumbo ..dumbo here even knows how to  go to a Inner Vision version of  fade. and even jump cut in his dumbo little mind..and than a reestablishing shoot I must admit we  also get a bit of push from our Mandlers
 heightening parts of our amygdala with emitted beams and shit  from  these little like teeny looking cell tower-ish baby satellite things (which I once stole
 thinking it just Looked Cool
..than they punch me in the mouth and asked me for days WHO I WAS gonna give it to.?
 another company?.they still don't believe I was gonna just put it next to my action figures...and this cracked little snow globe my grandmother gave me ..
these little tower-ie ...teeny tiny satellite things  emit litte little directed energies
 or something that
do what they call Psychotronic "jump starts'
( macrowaves aimed at our temporals  by some tele operators who are trained to use these things when they're  watching us both through mini cams and also on the  head sets they wear on their temples and stuff to glean than orchestrate heightened Neuralities....and meditate any self referential thought

you are dizzy as hell after these renditions these  ..."movies' not really filmed on normal film

dizzy from both the amps of the neurotronic macrowaves juked into your skull..and the meth...and the stamina it takes to well , fuck like a 24 year old.
Chip/Charles  says ever time we have to do these ...rundowns
 we get dumber as the beams and waves and stuff tapping our brain cells
our senses fries our brains more than the meth does...
I tell him I'd like to be dumber
he says we make a good team

and we'll get real dumb together.

they want a few retakes
the guy shouts through the mirror
 if only to wake Chip up.
.so we're gonna  have to wait around the hotel all day..
.but can't do meth or beer or even eat anything but water...or have sex.

 till 5 pm.

..when the new tele operators come by
according to "Shoutie" on the other side of the mirror..(.they,the Tele-Operators- live..or stay in a ten times better motel or a mile away...)
they had  left us a lot of tv on discs. shows we both missed...the ones we're allowed to watch...
supposed  to watch
so THEY can see how our demographic's brain signals respond to...content I guess that's what we'll do all day


 ...I go to hold him but the guy on the other side of the mirror yells it for--or you'll use it up-
just the same Chip starts rubbing my hand...
I see Chip's eyes are still all black around the like part of your eye under your eye from the See you Next Wednesday they did on his pituitary

and begin rubbing that part of his face
"stop it Dumbo" the man Mr Shoutie  yells from the other side of the mirror
but Charlie starts kissing me real hard and won't let go..

"That's a take"...that's what we wanted"
..I am graphed.
I see in Chip's face too he got the same interface

from the mirror I hear "Shoutie" on the other side   moving around  Shoutie  yells"you fags can do what ever you want . I'm .gonna go home and boil myself in scabies lotion too should do the did good.".

 I hear the guy in the other room slam his door...and than hear a knock on the door and see a little l envelope  slide under the door
I go get it.
2 ouches  of meth and a couple or hundred bucks..
 sometimes it's gooooooooood being a human puppet.

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