Wednesday, February 1, 2017

the groundking version

Groundhog Day
Mandlers tell me is like April Fools Day
to Targeted Individuals
free to talk about "The Loop"
they are in without maskings
because a film was made about cybernetics
that was called Ground Hog's day
and cybernetics is all about Film and Pop culture being used as variables to unify thinking so man can best run -on tracks
on symbols
as the old tracks ( religion ) are more and more replaced by the New Way

Groundhog's Day as it is -a "holiday" that is based on a free moving animal seeing or not seeing it's shadow
as the basis for how long winter will last ..
has nothing to do with 'theloop" most targetd Individuals are in to make man but the THING in the inter-connection of all THINGS
except -NOW - it does because
a film as made to depict a New Way of Learning
based on

according to my "team "
those who constructed my childhood -young adulthood etc
into nothing whatsoever but a set of demarcation
that could and would be used to cue me -back to situations based on themes (lessons )
I and others in various cohort studies
(MK Often )
offer much to the understanding of how a human organism views the world
based on fundamental universal quandaries
that might help sociologists (human ecology )
comprehend the basis of ....
whatever shit these maniacs use an excuse to validate this godless,inhumane experimentation

according to my team my desire is to be -put out of my misery- because I am an asshole
who only took and took from "the tree of Knowledge"
rather than Pace myself to serve others who -indeed- believed
these tests were centered on "a greater good "
rather than "the tree of life "
whose fruit might have been based on ME
---------- CHOOSING to MOCK and HATE
those who made me into a god damn FREAK SHOW whose thoughts ,vision ,hearing ,mood ect
are decoded in real time
to basically create story arcs for television
(and this "new" type of television ) that all but intends to make mankind but an insect
who hums along with the sound and vision of less than a million or so producers of reality
in Hollywood ,Bollywood,the BBC and the Time Life Warner
Event Verizon that somehow makes us non 3rd world
meaning if the "lights " go out
if the grid goes out
US unlike our foes who are "Primitives"
wouldn't know how to literally skin a cat for eating,make a tent out of fabric..let alone create an air conditioner ,car...
or even a story not based on CUT ,FADE  or Dark and Stormy Night


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