Tuesday, February 28, 2017

welcome, suffer dioxide

BLOOM taking g a swing of turpentine chewing on a purple crayon as if it were celery.The plasticine bag of bio tech (The Seeds or what BLOOM called THe Raindrops in a previous ARC) sits like an accusation on the table near the till.BLOOM is not biting ,the crayons are enough.
BLOOM (to LAUREL pointing at "The Raindrops")
And jew  want me to sell this 'drug' or whatever you call it to people?
LAUREL- We want you to basically give it away to people but only a certain type of people
BLOOM -Ah..One more thing only the rich have at their disposal
LAUREL-Quite the opposite
BLOOM -( leaning forward reaching for the bag of Daze-ie )
Ah..One more thing to make the disenfranchised potential agitator some Dead Head with ..One more thing to entrance inner city youths with to make 'Them' stupified addicted shells .No way will I take part in this
LAUREL-The Daisey is not to make the disenfranchised weaker but stronger...

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