Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cray -On

BLOOM -to make them stronger?
LAUREL becomes visibly excited ,almost magically so
LAUREL - Yes ,yes ..Viva Revolution .And you will lead them in a way I believe only you understand
LAUREL makes a gesture with her hands over her ears and twists her mouth into a silent scream.
BLOOM's face goes white ,horrified .The crayons fall to the shiny institutional floor
BLOOM - You mean you knew the Voice to Skull was real Dr Canyon and kept me in this outhouse for 8 years feeding me neuroleptics ,putting me in four point restraints !
LAUREL (flippant ,shoo-ing away his "petty"complants)
Oh Bloom 3 hots and a cot ..all the male nurses you could get your crayon stained teeth around.Every one of them bought and paid for ..Mister Bloom I do believe we have kept the Got Him Escort Service in the red for 6 years.
BLOOM - Even Memphis
LAUREL -Lets not talk about Memfis right now but we shall Mr.Bloom tomorrow and in a very ,very special way

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