Tuesday, February 7, 2017

never been this run down
on both the tether and the after effects of the garbage I use to mask
all I say into the ramblings
and I take the stuff willingly
and so would you if you knew
if you were pummeled with Knowing be it false or real-
-everything feels so real
the Mandlers place in you
and you but you reach for
anything you can get your hands on
pay a buck for to
to escape
-if only for a time
-I always forget
the respite is temporary
and as FAKE as my mind is -rectified to be but a port
for Proxy Cyber
my body cannot take the after effects
my 'companion' for the last months -there to
engage me and the Merge in Situations -in Comedy - in Drama
to move the "stories" further
and provide me with facets of -life
that are not simply a man with nano on his mind
thinking toward men paid to man other men and see out of their eyes
looking at the things they show me for hours on end some day
without needing to venture out
so Proxy can test the Imbue /Out-bue
as it might function in men and women with more consumer motivated lifestyles
fuk all
to this tiny life style or lack their of that must always be awash in drug-ie -dom
just in case I am ever pulled over
-taken in - for saying the wrong things
by Proxy by some knob
at HQ who cares fuk all if I say all the wrong things
Comic Book trappings and Great Lies being sold to everyone
about what is round the corner
or the there
up ,up up in the SKY

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