Tuesday, February 21, 2017


whatever in God's name drove me to write a gr8 deal of this on Facebook I don't know
a good Targeted Individual / shill
might blame it on some hinky business concerning a THEM like deliberate tweaking
of gigahertz eminatings endlessly from these nasty pieces of techno
to swing one's sensibilities towards such doings (write on FB)
added to this purposely dodgy rant ,rave and reiteration,
---oh danm it OH DAMN IT in ALL CAPS (how could it be otherwise)
a few obscenities about THOSE NAZI STASI ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER! Perps! !! Yes ,foiled again by 'THE MAN"
-to emphasize how fanatical one is to their cause -our cause
presenting as hysterical
kinda' maybe a red flag
some shill be typing at ' duh keyboard
..when genuinely targeted such a display
is kinda' sorta' the first thing one shies away from
as 90% of the claptrap written about the subject (Targeted Individuals) has the earmark of -Black Slacks- with a degree in semantics written all over it all over it dirtynazistasiilluminatigreyalienmatrixnewowrldorderPERPS!
why the -to hell with it
-of believing my words might matter more in a real time Q and A like venue then this BOG dear reader?
becAuse I am still writing at all is why
I shouldn't be
years ago someone should have stopped this venture
and ALL CAPS capital VENTURE it is ..
the perception that one is writing of their predicament on a platform that matters
is remarkably strong ..fascinating in a way...
good God this amateurish -word press-ian backward reading bog
is bad enough at least in terms of,credibility and just plain readability
u really must give that forum -facebook -credit for giving you the impression
it functions as anything more than a self perpetuating algorithm
in spite of one being a dupe and a doormat -by Proxy
none the less one needn't be a complete fool
brain damage or not
this blog I am afraid is as good as it gets concerning linear narrative in spite of the blog seemingly being about anything but
Damn Jews .Damn Illuminati..Damn Aliens ! always up to something
(2015). ‘Write Your Life!’: British Prisoners of War in the Korean War (1950–1953) and Enforced Life Narratives. Life Writing: Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 3-23. doi: 10.1080/14484528.2015.981774

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