Monday, February 27, 2017

Daisy Chain ( Bloom vs Batman)

MISTER BLOOM taking the 'Seeds' from DR.LAUREL CANYON stares at the plasticine baggie we go CLOSE on seeing nothing spectacular
BLOOM ( to LAUREL) -What it is it ? This drug you call Daisey ...Coke? Meth? Special K? ( flicking it with his long nicotine stained fingers ) Doesn't look like Heroin..
LAUREL -Bio Tech ..polymer coated NEMS ..carbon nanotubes ...if snorted or inhaled the 'Seeds' make you go Daze -ie once they pass through the nasal membrane and settle into one's neural tissue ..each baggie contains over 450,000 bio sensors ..Daisy is cut with dentist grade cocaine and some dextrose peptides that meditate blood vessels in the blood brain barrier 

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