Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Constant MEG and fMRI monitoring of nanobiotech positioned closest to lower cranial nerves as yet have been the most difficult correlates to create realistic expression in humanoid robotics.Overtime a wide demographic of subjects addendum-ed with nanobio create algorithmic equivalents of naturalistic expression for robust and realistic robotic and artificial life forms.By continuously recording the physical factors of both the upper facial and lower cranial nerve EMG signals during resting,sleeping and interpersonal engagement previously difficult to simulate nuances of spikes and bursts can now be precisely attributed to contact activity in the neuromorphic sinusoidal, symmetrical sequence of high-frequency and low-amplitude signals that cannot be differentiated by observers

I rather no little of what to make of this little 'pack'of information that as over my head it is -once transmitted str8 to skull
is somehow processed as something of an "ah " moment
-for be it true or not that -
aside from the 'face thing' being but reigns ' to teach a Proxy -How to Be
and how to think in a way that is please  (non self referential but universal in stylings to The Greater Good of it all"
the 'wire in the blood' so to speak of the thousands and thousands -and more and more daily-
made but specimen -workpad for Singularity
can pat themselves on the back that the constant pressure one feels in their body and face is not for nothing but so when a good portion of man as we know it has been disposed of
the human use of humans to create a New Breed has served yet even more functions
than 'even you Mister Bloom"might have imagined
mind uploading this is not
(although I am quite aware -I was to (I am to ) focus most of my story on that point
in detail
so when all hell -or heaven -breaks loose -
all will go willing and with hesitation
a better format of them awaits
once -of course -they have made their final exist
or not.

I am lost in the tether.
I want out now
and can rather care less -if at all
if any of me remains

I am punch drunk still from the after effects of so much self abuse on the pipe and the snorting chip chop of powders that for the time being seem to treat the over doing it one at the time wishes so will DO ONESELF IN
so one does not have to work with Mandlers
to craft the THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS =ending
into a psalm that satisfied even the most Priestly and Rabbinical
Scion -ists who have cold feet about such doings coming back to haunt them in the
soon unbridled souls they believed in -so little
to agree to this debacle to begin with

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