Tuesday, February 28, 2017


ya know he we kinda sorta beam blue
blue sighs
at the various keepers of duh jumbo
cuz jumbo can't live alone or he be driven crazy by handlers who need to understand how an autistic troubled Often -er but No Gentleman interacts with others
that direct energy we beam at the keepers of Kept Man
child man
to make them Hz as much as u little fella
it now seems dumbo wants aimed at all the world
making way way too much bay bay
by not helping The New Way 're-imagine Jim Gordon
and perhaps their own inclinations toward lookout I don't know
a bit of the old up the arse..suck on it Pacifistic rewards of ingrained
shut up u insane project paper clip mind doctor maniacs
and who the shell are u the Son of Moron ..
on both sides
Maruta Man ..
bingo badda Bing
u ain't the only Woodhouse little log we kindle Bloom
but the only one dumb enuf to think he can listen in
tune in and talk it up
his way

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