Wednesday, February 8, 2017


supposedly I have (or will ) ruined -everything for "things" that are much more than some silly cohort study that involved the -semiotics- of situations that deal with a type of physics and physical plant that have so much more to do with "personhood' than one mere person who wants -a normal life un-burdened by hurdles and representatons of themes and quandaries that do in fact force one to think outside of themselves to something beyond this something -so simple really -a brain computer interface -that I am sacrificing daily because -all I wish for is -everything -a better man (raised only to be THIS and for THIS -oh you cannot begin Dumbo to understand -..) would gladly keep to himself for if put into words-and for what reason Mister Bloom? I do not know--except that THIS has driven me mad -no driven me angry -in a way that was not -it seems in the cards-....for written within this diatribe is ample evidence those that have used both myself and my mother as wooden logs for -now - believe it or not - I am to not just understand -but appreciate -are spiritual studies ...that I could not possibly have -made up - or gathered from the food pellets of unclassified information online a TI is supposed to lick up like crumbs...and so much crumbs is all a TI has received for the time on earth as human study -no meaning I swear upon my life can possibly come from these threshold tests to come that at first were explained to me as payback in the form of pain studies -so the neural corrolates of intense and agonizing pain could be simulated upon enemies nerve endings and the parts of the brain that pertain to such at a distance in wavelets..but now I am to understand my very violent end by the most cruel and unusual means to draw out that pain into days or maybe weeks is to study something much more esoteric in terms of brain signal..but than again -did I mention neuro-weapons were created only to incite madness in another...and lately I do pray so -that is ALL that is going on here.

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