Monday, February 6, 2017

this is not working
the very free will I insist upon and that is in fact built into the the testing -man vs  a.I.
style more and more leads me to the lowest common denominator
--and while a meticulously crafted backstory of use of such -artificial intelligence - was deliberately writ all over my character -or lack -therof -in the long now
that required I be warehoused for decades in type of nowhereland of existence
various ground bound -handlers - were paid a tidy sum to keep me in
until the bio tech was made so small as to attenuate my every neuron to reciever transmitter
to take advantage of my limited set of stimuli
that could only be so limited by such warehousing
my resentments do not run universal
but quite personal which is exactly what my 'team" demands I -let go of-
but I cannot
or will not according to mandlers
who never quite -graph me- WHAT DO YOU WANT -
WHAT DO YOU NEED to serve OUR purpose as VILLIAN who wishes to entice
those who have been gipped- the rewards of greener grasses far far from the narrows that offer but dandlions and moss and thickets of twig like flowers that only seem there growing in the sidewalks to catch used bags of potato chips not created out gmo free taters
drugs is all he needs
a mandler graphs
is not our fault the loser cannot maintain
---no I graph back

no more of this to mask the project
this demented project that each day it perfects it's bi directional -ity means an ease to doing it en mass
to what ends I can not even begin to explain
2 weeks ago -the mandlers had seen fit to burden me with "the whole of "what is being done to myself and others being done round the world
out of the blue beam sky
-is it any wonder I went so overboard trying to drug myself to the gills to want no part of it's knowing -ness


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