Sunday, February 19, 2017

we couldn't afford to believe THIS GUY wouldn't say some thing -we couldn't afford to

The targets suffer nerve damage, primarily the direct energy weapons effect the delicate facial muscles. Often the upper palate is effected and the stimulation of the nerves of the face mean the target can’t move their face properly... all the while, the reflexes that effect blinking are triggered ; this not only effects appearance but sight.Now think for a moment what one is trying to say to another with weapons such as this. The infliction is by no means subtle- disfigurement is in fact the goal.
“It’s disturbing to create weapons meant to cause one's own physiology to turn against it's self without bullets one can say -this is why...No ,add to this damage no admittance these weapons exist. Profound central nervous system damage -that has no explanation as the damage indeed is transmitted really from no known source -not even a drone is said to have the capacity to aim beam based psychophysical weapons.That these weapons are being used on our own citizens to perfect them is troubling but just as troubling is that we ,supposedly a nation of integrity would be developing weapons such as this to use against other nations. Non Lethal Weapons ,Active Denial Weapons are not meant to kill but to maim. Imagine a nation of children in the line of fire of EMF or Direct Energy Weapons having to go through the rest of their lives disfigured.”
Psycho-physical damage  Stage I. Electromagnetic Microwave ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)  Dire...
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What is a Targeted Individual and what is an Evoked Potential?
Because Human Factors (people) and Human Ecology ( human experimentation) is a covert activity one best direct their energy in searching for data that pertains to this obscene research that has nothing to do with people but animals.
A Targeted Individual ,after is all considered -a Non Person- to those doing "Greater Good " testing .
Quantifying physiological and behavioural responses of cultured abalone (mollusks...
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