Wednesday, February 8, 2017

where your Planted

what is unique about your character and had better stay so
is that this "Bloom' cares absolutely no a wit about making anything out of his work
-financially nor especially does he -in particular - care about receiving any accolades
for the hard work he puts in daily
writing and drawing -for reasons that only he and his team are aware of
certainly Bloom has days -or moments - when it occurs to him that with just a certain amount of restraint and control he might be able to craft something of financial worth out of ever more precarious predicament
of indeed being a -man-ned man
stylized day in and day out by Mandlers
who have relied so heavily on the many,many imprints his family
of Men and Women taught in the ways of making men most easily steered by others
that in some cases rely on a certain carelessness of spirit
that best suits the causes that do benefit Bloom so much as those who seek to use him for their own needs
that we assure you are not in your best interests to be aware of except on a need to know basis
-these childish needs that often erupt during the seasons where
comparisons are magnified
that you NEED and deserve at least some trappings of Adulthood
(your own place , friends and associates  not always -placed- in your vicinity best veered to study whatever proclivities researchers have deemed worthy of study vicariously Mind to Mind ..and heart to heart if this Bloom is the way in which we might best get you back on track to
writing without a care in the ether that you deserve nor want credit for your service..
at least in terms of STORY
are absolutely EVERYTHING Mr. Bloom is Against
Never existed -is a man who despises MOTION PICTURES .TELEVISION and all that goes with such
more than Bloom
why do you keep forgetting that?
What is going on here ...exactly ..
because for the life of me digging through your Dailies since January 12th I can find no real impetous
for some of your latest
-a gym membership?
are u fukin kidding me?
Mister Bloom needs a body obsession like he needs a hole in the head
a Mandler needs Dumbo worrying that he missed two days in a row on a rowing machine like Dumbo
needs not just his ID taken away but his birth certificate and list of numbers for dealers
there's a reason for everything we do Dumbo
and a reason the latest sht you smoked sent you back here
again so we can
spend the entire day together
setting you back to right
which means in your case WRONG
they want you to start drawing those nasty little pictures again
but with crayons ,bic pens ..penicils ..lotsa Elmer's glue
-some real HATE HOLLYWOOD collages
-that should take up a great part of your time
see here
we can even move you for a time out west again
some dump in Las Vegas or Reno
but not before u learn how to hold onto your sht when the next Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt type
gets his mitts on it
-now what you did with the garden gnome you removed from someone's plant box -on the sly
to get the ID was Priceless man
and well worth this recoup time to anyone -it seems but you - feeling you're missing out on something
-when u see that stunt -all you by the way - placed in some binge worthy burly scene
you and you alone will know -that's mine
why on earth does it matter if anyone else does
what are u some faggit movie star
or some millennial 2 kid one pup screenwriter
or our man in the field Dumbo
cuz ifu don'tmake up your mind
we're gonna shred that fuckin mind of yours into un-Merge -able

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