Monday, February 27, 2017


It is raining .The 5 MEN and TWO WOMEN dressed in corporate chic holding umbrellas look down holding their phones filming the deeply dug grave surrounded by 'ready to be go ' bushes and small saplings ' in the background we see men smoking near a landscaping truck
EVAN RAINY stands before the 'grave' as if a preacher removing a folded pie e of printing paper he reads from
we see EVAN from the Point of View of a Handheld phone camera reading from the post
-doing stuff wrong
or right
the only way I can explain it
is the -link- or perceived link
with something controlling me
what I see ,hear and think and feel
now has a part of me entrained
it did not before
the part that said to myself this is wrong using another like this
is gone more than it should be
I am -this - to Them
and it means so much to Them I be what they want
in terms of larger issues
my own seem small and insignificant
I was raised only to be this and should stop ruining it
someone has to be Gordo
someone has to be ' there but for the grace of God go I 'crazy man telling people to
do whAt lights the fuse to knock it all down
so no people who are lesser beings like me
are around
people must,fight back so the powers that seed can begin firing at will-
Finished reading EVAN carefully records the paper and tosses it in the hole
From an over head position. we see the hole is filled with variations of BLOOM -same hair ,same facial structure ,same look -in various stages of decay all wear what will become BLOOM's signature outfit
EVAN kicks some dirt turns to the Landscapers and whistles

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