Tuesday, February 7, 2017

scott snyder's mister bloom

So Many Symptoms
some days all I have to do is check out the ads on the 8th Floor Social Media  page to

-to get a garnering of what this (the 8th Floor Social Media ) rather primitive version of brain computer interface / A.I. -that doesn't require one be poisoned with biotech
//////See the Symptoms Real People, Real Stories
Over 14 million adults in the U.S. are impacted by depression in a given year. Meet a few of them///////
thinks might the essense of my twoubles in da' world -these adverts -so personalized -either by the "affect" of one's very keystrokes- or what one states is -on their mind - I am not quite sure...
this Blue "Girl' pictured with the advert for Depression is pictured pouting at a beach in a sweater that can not possible cost less than 400 dollars
but BLUE she is
although I doubt very much the kind of Blue those made Targeted Individuals to Understand how Project Blue Beam might effect the masses all at once to perceive reality as might a TI tinkered with daily to understand how such might be instilled upon another to make them but fodder for things to come one sure as shite must not discuss unless very much trampled into a position of teeth a wobbling crack-dom and at least 40 bucks on them to get to a bridge over 150 feet high
Watch the Videos
Which Blue Are You?

-I can't do this
I can't care today about typing on some platform created by the very same folks who made me a god damned monkey
it will take days to get this crap out of my system
-it occurs to me I should not be here.
at this house.
--the house I go to (the people I go to -aware and also so very unaware -simulataneously -of this project)
I am getting of the stuff too quickly
I mixed it all together
and now mixing in tranqs because I didn't or couldn't main tain
I ticked off the mandlers putting up jpegs of what the Hzs do to one's face
not just when the 'teams' are taking a deep read
but what they do to your face with the hzs to make you appear as ugly as your thoughts
-and the thing is I did it when I was not angry
or being taught a lesson by Mandlers
but because I wanted to explain something that had more to do with trying to simply tell a story
about how cybernetics works
about how the -reigns -(the face thing) is NOT a bad thing
but a necessary thing to teach you without words -without sights - but just through psychophysics
-and self concept -how one sees themselves
is really the fundamentals of the tether
since even before 1948 in fact one's sense of self
in  a way decides how one (how one's self) sees themselves -mind's eye style - and therefore how one comports themselves
basically the hzs augment one's facial designs in much the same way electric current makes even a dead frog's legs go KaJING when tapped
long ago behavioralists types did all the stuff with electric current (way before wireless -way before frequency being not encased in wires became safe for humans to be exposed to round the clock) to the facial nerves of subjects at various universities to understand how expression ,countenance and Looks effected -affect
certainly u yourself
have noticed u act a certain way when you look better
and act a certain way towards yourself and others when you don't
proxy -human subjects - are controlled first and formost with their facial features
and - perhaps - in my enthusiasm to explain my gradual exceptance of my piloting to be a 'better me '
via cybernetic steering -I made the mistake of taking the few photos I have of me in various states =of arrear and just shoving them into the story
when we all know the mister bloom -in scott Snyder's version of batman hc has no face to speak of
just a big flower
where a face -should be

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