Tuesday, January 31, 2017

think for a moment Dumbo
why we call you Dumbo?
would we call on of ours Dumbo
one of ours are never Dumbo

and than by all means go on ..
it's what the lowest on the Scale of Human Evolve do
tell stories
dance around like jackasses
drink smoke and yell
fight ,piss and kick
they stare at shiny things like you dumbo and have simple minded belief systems
like perpetual children
they are born that way
to see fairies and lepracahns
they crawlf on all fours look for 4 leafed clovers
maybe that's why they're so damn dirty like Dumbo

-and you're race isn't tuff
they punch their wives and dogs
it's not  your fault dummy
your type was too weak and too dim to leave a cold damp rockland
and seek better habitat
like you shmucko
they stayed where they were getting drunk and telling stories
digging their own endless 'off the top of their head" musings
fuk linear thinking
oh excuse me Dumbo
your tribe is incacable of linear thought except in same jig like clanging
dirty ones about fukin and suckin
they 're good at sucking cuz potato eaters teeth turn to mush just like their neuronal mass
do you know what generations of low or no vitamin  C do to a brain duh duh dumbo?
well we do
cuz -we get to study it every damn day
what's funny is that we tried making you smarter
the Jews you so hate
who brought you up Jewish -just to see
if through osmosis alone
a dummy rock isle simpleton GENETICALLY
might be able to make some of what he learned about 'How One Lives and Thinks '
might become part of his schemata
oh it does when he's in synch with the neuromodulation
but -behold
when he's not
he's back to DUMBO!
know why they call THEM
Irish kiddo?
because they incite IRE!
wherever they GO
so needy ,so wanting ,so hungry and MEAN!

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