Monday, February 20, 2017

they want me to play with characterization
with narrative
- they want me to humanize this MISTER BLOOM
and find something charismatic in him
that would allow those exposed to his POSTS - sent straight to cortex mind you
not this already archaic Mindfuk u see before u
the Zuck himself said all monies were bein' spent to make this verizon of communication
-in 10 ..20 years
which in terms of TIME in TECH -with progress being expotential means a few years ago FRIEND
get it?
it's already here ..the brain is just signal ..that unless you're a genius -and buddy if you was you wouldn't know me
or be on the Facebook at all
because you'd know all it's about is creating algorythims and being insulted some
shiny lights and shiny words aimed to incite "So tell me lover ..a little bit more about wot happened at Yosemite when u fought of dat bear
show me them pictures too..

THIS characterization of MISTER BLOOM Dumbo ain't what we're looking for..?
Understand u idiot -graph the Mandlers
you can't take this serious /
we'll just make it so damn serious u couldnt help BUT ..
smile like ya' mean it ..
understand what happens when Damien Darko Dumbo is given a long leash
UNDERSTAND why we do we do
cuz' if we don't keep this Jive Going ..going Gone 24/7 we get well -THIS 

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