Tuesday, February 28, 2017

looks like somebody took a wrong turn in Albuquerque yells Tru Christie

of course Damien Dumbo Denny syncs in with the wrong God damn story
understand man ..this is part of the testing chum
meaning pieces of flesh chopped into bits for See Creatures
we don't want our Mentee being swallowed up in Pieces by Maneteee do we
our giant whales do we Pinnochio?
and most of all we don't wanna miss the opening of the
Harm Her Love Club
where the most hottest guy woodhouse
rock back and forth
app-ed of course to the gills
taking it Str8Hell Str8 to Cortex
from behind and in front do we jumbo
well of course we don't
but cuz we know Pino
we know Pino has to get his Denny Pace hate
of all things beyond the Bale
out of his white bread little heart
you know what they say about big hearts don't Jew Dumbo

  • big hearts little ...

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