Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mister Bloom leaves Gotham

they swamp me with NOW ...not threats but words that are meant to appeal to my 'Better Side' I can't -or won't switch back and forth ..i remember ..the way they "spoke " hours ago ...I don't know why ...I know I always used to know -it wen tthis way than that and I'd always swing with it...MOVE ON with I just see it as if a manuel ...a script meant to basically wipe you out ...maybe it's working..maybe in 3 weeks I'll find myself gun in hand in a movie theater..wondering why I've done what I've done...
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soooo obviously u dont care if you're believed Mister Bloom.
- no...I think I just want to write stories
I think you're confused -that you impetous was to never swing the story to just fiction -unless there was a point to explaining causality
- no .I think that was your point not mine
I think we may have pushed you too far and you're acting out ...
- no I think I don't care and just want to make a buck
I think you are trying to create some leverage and it will backfire
- I think you monsters better try a new technique because I think I now know what the point of this was...and I will now begin to write it
ONLY as it might make me some bucks..
we will make sure you never publish
- than I will go back to school and ...
- No , I went to college you just wrote that out of my biography to make me come off as some kind of LOSER
You really are a sneaky ,provincial man ...who makes an agreement and than backs out. I think there's a word for that . I think they call it treason

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Mr. Bloom
A new villain who makes his way to Gotham while Jim Gordon is operating as the GCPD's Batman and was active even just after Zero Year in a case that r...emained unsolved by Bruce Wayne
Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Talk BATMAN #48 and Reveal Plans for Issue 50 and Beyond
Mysterious new power-player in Gotham City. His ulterior motive remains a mystery as does his past, but with his arrival came a new wave of former crooks turned metahuman powerhouses such as Precious Precious, Gee Gee Heung, and Qi Tsu. He provides his "seeds" to a select few, acting as implants that once rooted inside the body will grant their hosts extraordinary superpowers at the cost of their lives.
Mr. Bloom is created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and is described as representing the weeds and cracks that keep sprouting in society between different groups based on dissatisfaction with the status quo. Anyone with the right motivation could become Mr. Bloom. It is known that 5 years ago, right after Zero Year, Bloom sold Man-Bat based implants to Peter Duggio that resulted in his death.
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--your looks really do change - graph the Mandlers
Noooooo Kidding -I graph back seems to me anyone doing that...and it's a bit more than calcium ions and facial nerves ...wouldn't wan tyou MOCKING it
UH kinda ' mock me every time you do it
-There are things done to you ...that you don't understand ..besides the LOOKS thing is more often than not for the benefit of they see it .NOT YOU . Nobody really cares about YOU excpet as a vehicle -an ...
- It's disgusting because I believe you are basically Vanessa ...certainly no Cole really should not just write the stories but understood what we are trying to say in the move you up the Evolutionary Scale of Being ship
I'M A LAB ANIMAL ...this has nothing to do with no Scale of Human Evolve
- and so you shall be treated as a lab animal . Why did we discontinue the Gary Rainy story line ? Because it was the opposite of how you were processing this experience...
-Of course we do...But you used to be more fun to play with used to like the shape shifting like dscaring people .We have it all on tape Cole ...or should I call you Vanessa ?

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Vanessa could take Cole hearing and seeing things..but left him when his Mentors "gifted' to him what they called The Reigns
"Your face Cole ," Vanessa screamed
"Hey ,they HAVE to do's not a's to teach my sympathetic nervous system a lesson that only pertains to the physiology's very scientific . One should LOOK like their INSIDES don't you think . If I have ugly thoughts I should LOOK ugly..and the other way around '
'My God Cole ,what on earth you thinking two minutes ago ," Vanessa said ,seeing that Cole's face was back to normal "
'I was thinking of quitting Neuronautics ," Cole said ," I too thought the Face Thing was too much "
"Don't quit Cole..or you'll have to hole up here for the next year...l can just see it without a job ,crayons in hand or something scrawling on the wall ..."
Cole laughed ,touching his cheeks ," Painting my horrible disfigured face again and again on fast food napkins ...selling them in -The Narrows to Very Wealthy Patrons "
Vanessa kissed Cole's handsome face.And next saw it change -for just a second ,no more . She jumped
'What ?" Cole asked
"It happened again ,what were you thinking was about me wasn't it "
Cole went to the mirror.He looked fine
'I was thinking nothing , i didn't even feel it .My face I mean "
Vaneessa went to Cole and stared at him in the mirror .Waiting for his face to "morph"
"You feel it ? When THEY do that ?" Vanessa asked, for some reason touching her own face.
"It's the electromagnetic energy that makes the Brain Link hitting parts of your brain that regualte calcium ions and facial nerves ...It's not magic ...I feel a tingling ...Like I said it's not a bad thing's about conditioning my body towards -The Light ...towards The New Way a way it's a shortcut ...if you think of it from an organizational point of view ...scientifically it's brillient "
"You sound just like THEM sometimes ," Vanessa said
"And what's that supposed to mean you silly kunt ' Cole shouted, unaware his mood had been modulated to get the detractor and their Enrot away from him post haste .You vain,petty stupid creature ...THEY were right about you ...You 're small minded and un-evolved .. Appearences ..that's all you care about . Look at this apartment .Look at the way you made us provincial piece of nothing. "
"You freak of nature . You ugly crazy monster ..." Vanessa said grabbing her handbag and coat," I'll toss some crayons and sketch paper under the door..'
"Good ," Cole said ,his face getting more and more handsome as he pulled the door for her further and further opened
Vanessa stared at him ,he ,for a moment looked like a movie star ,she almost forgot her rage
Cole smiled a cold smile.
He knew , he knew ,Vanessa thought, he knew what he looked like ,at that moment.
"You petty nobody ....and I'm a freak? " Cole said ,pushing her out the door.

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in 1988 a friend of his had taken him to seminar
that had" empowered "
to quit his job leave his school family and girlfriend
to work within
"the movement"
Cole's friend 3 years later had killed himself because The Group
had turned against him for deciding "he had had enough"
as he could no longer afford to pay for the courses that grew exponentially higher
as one
was Mentored to Higher Levels
of Knowing
Cole's friend was unaware initially of The Group's reliance on what is called Organized Gang Stalking to keep a member
beholden to "church"
and their financial debts accrued
in their tutelage.
Organized Gang stalking is defined as being harassed and stalked by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.
Whatever intentions Cole's friend's "organization" had
were settled
when Cole's friend
self existed the existence that The Group
had initially promised it 's function was to enhance.
Cole,a writer for a local magazine
decided to move west and join the same group as his friend
to find out
both what had so enticed his member to give up everything to be "with them"
and subsequently lost everything ,including his life
when he "turned"
against THEM
Little did Cole know at the time that
the "Movement"
was in a transitional period at the time of his induction
nor could Cole have ever guessed what strange bedfellows
"the church"kept
it both on the grid and "off grid" at the same time
nor could Cole have imagined that
the Remote Viewing and other aspects "Neuronautics"
were being modified
into a new format that made the theoretical technological
as the "religion/ movement" had been chosen
to test various aspects of apparatus and advanced technologies that mimicked
the founder, Gary Rainy's Belief Systems in
ESP,Communion with unseen Entity and Telepathy

because" the religion "could presume upon it's member's
the notion that it was solely their "Men Who Stare at Goats'
guided mentorship up "Jacob's Ladder" of "to know without knowing and see without seeing"
the established chain of command and tactics of
controlling all aspects of it's members(and the member's children's) lives
was a perfect cover for "covertness"
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In 1954, Harlan Ellison joined the teenage street gang The Barons under an assumed name in order to research his first novel, Web of the C...|By Jim Bloom
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BLOOM was not always this
freak JIM told
his name was COLE
they have destroyed our minds EVAN says  with television with words when Man first began walking upright was his mind filled with...|By Jim Bloom
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so ya' see Jimbo -Jim Gordon HAS to be Bi -Sexual - not for no Gay Agenda but so people can discuss how horrible that Nothing is Sacred -and what is this Gay Agenda they are shoving down our - it is a big deal you focus on Batman ---understand....becuase - as much as you curl all over yourself saying - I don't get it -I want no part of do understand IT ...and DO IT because -well- IT NEEDS TO BE DONE ..because NOBODY but Hollywood can keep people occupie...d to the extreme - indeed they need to be - during the Long Now....YOU more than others completely Immersed in Hollywood understand how it works... and as you have noticed...we've been getting as SERIOUS as you are with the imbue help you TAKE IT EASY many more nights of SERIOUS can you take? huh?'s Cybernetics're not gonna win DRUGGIE - use it ...and respect it ...and write the Batman story like we say
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jimbo graph the Mandlers.all friendly
why does Mister Bloom in Batman have no face -could it be Mister Bloom's face had been ripped off?
Funny Jimbo thatthrougout your narrative is The Facetaker story BUT maybe NOT SO FUNNY if ya' really stop...and we did say STOP and think WHY ?
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you mean INT - HUT -DAY -graph the Mandlers..yes?
"Yes " I graph back
INT -HUT -DAY (The Blob)
CRAZY OLD MAN speaks directly to the audience in front of brokenm down hut -the End is Near style
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mandlers graph their disappointment..
I am their Kurt Gurring in this...biding my time... working with teams on endless -points of diversion for the next 5 years of Netflix,Hulu and AMC plotpoints...TULIP planting at the entrance and No Exit of Simgularity to keep us esconsed in LIES and BIG IDEAS about OUR FUTURE of co -existing with robots..rahter than being in terms of percentiles ENTIRELY replaced by them ...TALES NEXT ABOUT MIND UPLOADING the species will understan...d that without doubt -no matter WHAT HAPPENS in terms of PERCIEVED DE POPULATION - No Worries have BEEN SAVED...
200 or more TV shows...about the the next 5 years while direct energy weapons can shrink someone to 2 meters (currently it is 3 meters) next 1 meter...than one half DUST and NEXT we're all set to GO...nothing to clean up tiles to scrub down

just fertlizier for the new paradise ...
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i think of the opium War ...which resulted in the use of opium being used as it was coming to a halt..but of course the drug didnt serve a purpose as does our collective addiction to these devices that alter brain function - inless than 5 seconds -just like a TV set does.....
further more ---beyond the beta state a screen full of millions of pixels moving like a million shiny things..the EMF that allows the deice to work is altering biological states..--this is a disaster......we all know this on one level but just the same are trapped in it...we are all entrained in neuro tech just targeted individuals..everyone is being electronically harrassed...obviously someone in power should comment upon it...and not in Time Life -oh my NEXT ..protcal..
---ah... this is conspiracy theory talk....of course it is...
and moreso if i mention why this un healthy experiment continues...
algorythims and endless data being collected...regarding how people behave...(useless data - as people do not behave as they do when NOT exposed to EMF or hpow they do when not entranced by a screen backlit with millions of on /off/ on /off flashes....what is this data for...? the singualrity ...which in ten years will be -once more- ten years away..
everything is about The Singualry ..nothing else....but the Singularity is only explained to DUMBFUCKS by a telegenic old wise man ...quite deliberately -even a child can understand it- gentle caresses...nobody says what it means...
except to TIs...and we can shout it from the hilltops..
because "the language ' of New World has been carefully crafted by thousands of "change agentsd" to read as Conspiracy Theory
- redundancy -
concerning mankind and it's Retirement Package

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