Monday, February 27, 2017

bio wreck elan muskets

there's this whole and now your dead for sure thing going on
jumbo in 8-8-68 pieces in valises all along the Pennsylvania turnpike
but another Mandler assures me the induced terror is simply to keep the piece authentic Method Wacking style
my using the Gotham template instead of Memfis Ohio
according to -some -not all on my "team" displays
a new type of idiocacy in terms of potential -futures
that is -beyond the Bale
pale and -type of Real Time rail I am -supposed -to be doing
to goad other "Enhanced Individuals" to strike back against
a type of techno nobody believes in
presumably according to a glitch in the switch a few months ago
concerns a rash of new laws
that might stifle a certain type of writing
meta or other wise online
phor -meta
or otherwise the very same Bane that done toast some of us citizens up
bio wreck for elan musket

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