Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Augustine HCL I understand was originally given to lab animals whose brains were being used to decode. Not as an anesthetic but as a means of slowing down the workings of a free moving animal to it's lowest common denominator.Some say Gary Rainy was amongst the very first to take advantage of the drug's disassociative  qualities to Reach past what he called the Every Day Essentials that have caused man to lose conscious contact with the Entities.
Hundreds of different tests are being carried out "off grid" to test both neural prosthetics and psychophysics weapons often upon the same participant Augustine HCL I understand is sometimes used to by those in the field of neuro biology as an attempt to subtract the cumulative information an individual used for n research has acquired to get to the nuts and bolts of synaptic and dendritic signaling as it reacts to incepted data that alters or perturbs reality .

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