Tuesday, February 21, 2017

human eeeeeek-olgy

anything to keep me in my place with these Mandlers
on what we say
always some quip that not only marginalizes this entire -act- they're pulling on me
(Dude you should read the stuff I DON'T PUT UP or rush to take down)
(a) it didn't begin with the crack
it began with cigarettes
let me tell you how one gives up smoking when being driven to near madness by psychotronic weapons
well-how bout ' this JIMMY (2011)- we gonna drive you so damn crazy
you gonna be in nuthouse if the smoking don't stop now
because the smoking -ya' see- screws up the reads...especially the ones we need when you watch television..
you interupt the flow asshole
every time you light up -but Jimmy don't care bout no Locked In Syndrome
well you will care you selfish kunt
and uh
wouldn't ya know 2 weeks later -after some perdy damn wacky imbues concerning some actor
I was sorta' supposed to -kinda' - keep -to myself
I still have barely the vague-est idea what was "being taught to me " in those first few weeks in Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks
in that tiny apartment
except to write..
but to write their way..
so i am to leave it Batman vs Bloom
am i
-this be some innocent foray into a new type of TV
and I'm what some facsimile of George Jetson / Fred Flintstone / Kevin Can Wait ubiquitous
dimwit husband whose all knowing ...so much smarter wife he just "naturally" -huh {?"}kowtows to
I was raised on that bullshit
this didn't start in Los Angeles
or in my teens reader
it began before I was even born this MK Ultra MK Often shit
-or by an less Alex Jones David Icke
jive talk gist
Human Ecology that you bet your ass concerned television
ooooooooh and sooo much more..
hmmmm- will a domineering terrifying cold and abusive Matriarchal figure
make the boy
a homo...
especially if his Stage Managed father assumes the role of "Yes Man "
anything you say Willlllma
well fuck me up the bum -I do believe yes indeed he do become
not so INTO nothing that in no way
synapses as Woman ..
-my bizarre upbringing make me not to keen on men neither
in fact people to me
as expected -due to the endless Watson Skinner Bobo Doll Terry Moth Moth in Mouth umbrage
be best kept at a distance
as every god damn encounter I had with "Homelife/Homeland" was a bop on the head,a smakck in the face
or one of them looks the members of Das Community Theater round my ten miles radius
perform on me to test my a CUE-ity to be regressed back to Black
cause trust me
if this shit has anything to do with Batman
it be A - ROAR -a COLLAR - a -DOUGH like Bats in the Belfry
anything to keep me in my place with these Mandlers -END IT for THE DAY on what we say always some quip that not only marginalizes this ...
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"We're almost to the point Dumbo where we can scoop the rest of Batman vs Mister Bloom right outta' your head without you typing a word..by May we expect to have you Voice and Visions Free hanging out at some bar all day drawing on bar coasters to pay for some flop house you'll be living in -cuz' we'll be damned if you'll get a dime from this venture Crackhead..understand..Understand how much your "proclivities " cost us ...yeah -ask anyone to read what ya' wrote in 2013 ...and they'll see why we went 'Drag Me to hell" rather than "Catch Hell" on your ass..

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