Monday, February 20, 2017

pop muzak

i am but a machine
a cog for Proxy Cyber
would a matter a wit to you if you believed what i say is true

-what matters is you got a car payment due and have to pick up your daughter from karate class
if this 'they ' i write about 'app-ed' your daughter with some shite
that made her hear and see stuff..think stuff and thus say stuff
you wouldn't believe her
- off she'd go to some shrink
drugged to the gills
but maybe something she says -some association - you have with some
"black slacks" type at the school she goes to
rings a bell
- isn't that Jacob's fella in the bio tech industry?
wasn't he bragging about the stuff they were doing to inmates at that ...that prison upstate
in a way -and who can blame you ? - you'd rather your daughter in fact be "app-ed" with biotech
than be some garden variety nutter
(hey,I'm not judging i said I be but a cog for Proxy Cyber )
so you go 'In Search of " all over the net
and what do see pop up like a bedbug -in a close up - on a scalp- in a wireless ad- during the Golden Globes ?
COMPO COLA ..over and over again
it's a joke ya' see
get some dumb ass to go Kevin McCarthy body snatchers OOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOO!
for 6 years str8
adding bits a key words to his -documentation
to make your search for answers mean as much -search engine wise
as a bubble in a can a POP

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