Sunday, February 26, 2017

raw vision

know what Mandlers
I'm doing my own cohort studies here
so -in between your depiction of me as some version of
ugly ,disgusting ,creepy weirdo artist
that you not Me
" seeded " the alt media with Raw Vision
Pawn Vision -wise
( greeting cards they used to represent my work
-with stupid pre writ words on them )
highly why would I insinuate I have -a thing about
older gay gentlemen who basically r the ones
who bought my work before that article came out
you monsters
car accident causing a movement disorder ...really?
in what world monsters
you caused it with Direct Energy Weapons
I had nothing to do with the article in Raw Vision
nor did I have a history of mental problems aside from
the stuff I write of
why would I share my -history of mental ...
except because my Rt Dealer at the time was selling g me as some take on Elephant Man
seriously ..
I almost forget why I turned on the computer
oh because according to Word on High
I am ruining everything
and strange as it seems
I am supposed to feel not just awful about this but more

they want this idea of Creep
from some 1940's 50's
abnormal psychology text book
so God Damn bad
have james Franco write it
I'm doing my best under ridiculous circumstances

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