Wednesday, February 15, 2017

jimmy holmes gavin long ping pon g

today isn't like the rest of the days -not really sure why
-possibly some of it had to do with the -"Augustine " -or whatever I'm supposed to call it
(I have been -told- not to really mention it -at all - except -as it pertains tosomething or other-that might have been dropped from the story --
I am not doing -it - right - I can no longer -be trusted - is the theme these days ---)
for all extensive purposes I am insane -- (hearing voices-seeing things-- thinking I am interfacing -with neural engineers-) don't buy a word of this ..
of course not
even if I explained it better- you would not
that's what I am not understand ...(screw that this is really happening -reader...the point is nobody believes this -not just you - except people -in the business...)
somehow I am supposed to keep going -and not in the blog -but directly on Facebook
-and not as -anything but lunatic who hears voices...
just going on and on ..not so much anymore about some pretty far out narrative ( course you can't find them -half of them -that pertained to the story have been taken down - yes...yes the Mnadlers ...don't wan tthis to read as an attempt at fiction -besides blogs don't actually work as linear -objects Das art  do they
more like amateur hour -wanna be..something or something
perhaps perhaps perhaps this WANNA BE pappppperbak hite ..can make a dude Dissssssgwuntled..
get it?
ooooo yes I'm afwaid..
yeah ...yeah you're getting git..and so iz I ...
well...aside from the subtext
likeI be saying in full hypergraphic Clang bang
Das stories transmitted to my wooden little head
veer more and more away from Proxy cyber...
and Dumbo and Denny Pace
and any semblance of paperback hack
to write it Rushdie Style directly on das Casebook
so ---there's a TRUE -I be writing in das here and now POW to "it"
that gots jack sht to do with like me publish me pin me
there's now a feel to the entire mindfuk that is frenzied and fast and meant to convey some fury in me
that not only am I "linked in " with Neuroterch
but them awful awful Jews done did it
once before "my team ' had me doing the whole Kazar Kingdom jive
and I thought it was funny
- the problem is I find this whole mindfuk more funny than scary
and don't come off as very scary
more of a fruit cake than scary
aint my fault
the Mandlers probably got carried away scarin gthe be jesus out of me years ago
and -like they say -in term of operant Conditioning
one gets used to it..
well  I can only assume they got lots and lots of dupes -up to this propaganda shite...and must have at least done better with the rest of them to get the  Jimmy Holmes ...Gavin Long ....allllien manifesto bunk going  going gone ...

...least I hnope so...they sure invested a shit load of time ....doing this psychic driving on me ...(but sure as shit didn't waste no dough...) ...dough wouldn't exactly going with -the effect - they primed me for for decades.....---Outsider savant.....disgruntled bundle of time bomb.....see how much this weirdo hates Hollywood?.....HERE Jim draw on this painting much you hate Hollywood....we'll tell you what to say ....


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